In addition to providing commentary about the larger culture, art makes life more manageable, tolerable and enjoyable. There are many elements to context—biographical, cultural, and philosophical are among the most important. Art is in various media from posters to public wall of which we call “graffiti”. Art history categorizes artworks and theories with a heavy reliance on the context or environment that the artwork was created in (i.e., its political, social, cultural, and economic settings). “The importance of context in our art.” (Click to Tweet) BE COURAGEOUSLY CREATIVE: Reflect on a memory that has a direct relationship to your town or city. An important concept in archaeology, and one that isn't given a lot of public attention until things go awry, is that of context. What is content and context when it comes to art? Context is not only important in art history, but it is also important in all study of history. All art has two basic meanings. Van Jones presented a graph that accurately represents the interaction between the four aspects of society and its different members. Probably, the best theory that I like all which best explains – Why is art important – is from Van Jones, subtly provides a great response to What is art? Hello if I am understanding your question correctly. The Importance of Art Essay; The Importance of Art Essay. Because it allows the viewer to see beyond the canvas and at the events surrounding the creation of the piece. Relevance. This physical context is important for the classification of an object as a work of art. Because it allows the viewer to see beyond the canvas and at the events surrounding the creation of the piece. Art and context: Monet's Cliff Walk at Pourville and Malevich's White on White. Context means the varied circumstances in which a work of art is (or was) produced and/or interpreted… Conventional wisdom would have it that primary context is that pertaining to the artist, although there are equally good reasons to assert the primacy of historical and … Context Is Important The circular discussion/argument regarding content versus context is an important one from the perspective of the artist and the public. 655 Words 3 Pages. This shows just how advanced these humans were, that they had developed an ancient art museum of sorts, dedicating a specific place solely for art. And by looking back at some of the most important art movements in history, we have a clearer understanding of how famous artists like Van Gogh, Picasso, and Warhol have revolutionized the art world. Get an answer for 'Why are the arts important to humans today? David ... the artists articulated the circles of context and complicity that pivot around art-making. As Wingkvist and Ericsson (2010) note:if the context is not understood well enough, the mobile learning system will not survive beyond the scope of the initiative and the project’s end date. Representation and abstraction: Millais's Ophelia and Newman's Vir Heroicus Sublimis. The importance of art at the preschool and elementary school level in the schools itself. 2 Answers. Best Answer. Source(s): content context art: I’ve had a few different experiences in the last couple of weeks which made me reach a big realisation. Not at the college level where you go for a solid liberal arts education, but art for children. So why go through a whole undergraduate life just to earn a bachelor’s degree? A good example is Guernica; without the context it is a large, rather depressing Picasso - with the Civil War context the symbolism comes alive - one doesn't have to know the meanings Picasso gave to each figure, because the painting can be read quite easily. The Importance of Context in Art Collections. Do you remember where you saw it? Spellbound. It can have a profound impact on the viewer, who interacts with the artwork in the context of his or her own experiences. Context, to an archaeologist, means the place where an artifact is found.Not just the place, but the soil, the site type, the layer the artifact came from, what else was in that layer. The art of learning: Why art history might be the most important subject you could study today ... inherently interdisciplinary than art history. Whether economic, philosophical, social or cultural, the context in which an artwork is created and the complicity of the artist within that context is intrinsic to its meaning. Login to reply the answers Post; Lv 7. what is content and context in art? If you're seeing this message, it means we're having trouble loading external resources on our website. “Mystified and gratified” is a fitting response to what you call the “imponderables” of context. How does that memory reflect your impression of your home and the people in it? What is the value of studying art history?Art has existed for a very long time even before the beginning of formal education. For me the key to the appreciation of an artist’s work is understanding the context in which the piece was created.