Share. 'Bachelor' 2020 winner clue and spoiler hints that Hannah Ann is engaged to Peter Weber. “The Bachelor” franchise hasn’t delivered a simple season finale in quite some time. Reality Steve has not been able to spoil who Peter Weber picks in the end. Weeks after leaking the names of Peter Weber’s final two on this season of “The Bachelor,” Reality Steve has finally dished on what he knows about Peter’s Season 24 winner. Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor is close to wrapping up, by which I mean he only has six contestants left. Reality Steve does not know who the winner of Peter Weber’s season is. Stop reading now if you don't want to know about Peter Weber's finale. Today, he went to his podcast and shared if Hannah Brown will be the one that he ends up with. Bachelor Peter Spoilers The “Bachelor” Peter – Episode 1 Recap, Theories About the Ending, Vegas Fan Appreciation Party Info & More. 7 Finale Spoiler Theories. The “Bachelor” is back and we are in unchartered territories people. Can't wait to find out who Pilot Peter Weber falls for this 'Bachelor' season in 2020? 5 Comments. Photo Credit: ABC. Who Wins Peter Weber's 'The Bachelor' Season In 2020? The Women's Health team used Venmo to figure out who wins The Bachelor Season 24 and Peter Weber's final rose. The excitement returns tonight as the Bachelor returns to ABC. A lot of fans think that is what will happen. Peter Weber (also known as the Windmill Hookup Guy, also known as Pilot Peter) was the dark horse no one saw coming on Hannah Brown's season. Did Hannah Ann win Peter's season of 'The Bachelor?' In mid-September it was finally revealed that Peter Weber aka Pilot Pete would be the lead for season 24 of The Bachelor.Almost immediately after the announcement, the 33 women cast to compete for his love were revealed, and thanks to Reality Steve‘s dedicated detective work, he already knows the final 12. Reality Steve shares all the spoilers and what happens in the finale. By Amanda Lucci. Email. Since production began on Peter’s season, Reality Steve has tracked every … Peter claims "no one's gonna find out the ending," but boy, do I have some ideas. Peter Weber‘s season of The Bachelor is currently airing and fans believe they have figured out who wins this season based on Venmo transactions. Posted on January 7, 2020 8:10 am. Reality Steve Bachelor 2020 Winner: Peter’s Final 4 and Who Wins His Heart! POTENTIAL SPOILERS AHEAD! There was some drama around one hometown date – specifically Victoria’s and Kelsey’s. Share. According to Reality Steve, this season Peter will narrow down his potential love to the final four: Kelsey Weier, Victoria Fuller, Madison Prewett and Hannah Ann Sluss. Who wins the Bachelor 2020? Spoiler warning: Major Bachelor finale spoilers ahead!! 9.8K. LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Who wins The Bachelor 2020, who does Bachelor Peter Weber pick, who wins the Bachelor Peter season next year, and does Madison Prewett, Hannah Ann Sluss or Victoria? 5. A new conspiracy theory on Reddit has a guess about who wins The Bachelor Season 24 and Peter Weber's heart. Share. The Bachelor 2020 started this week. Spoilers for The Bachelor ahead. Tweet.