The patron saint of travelers who gave his life to the service of Christ and others. When Was St. Christopher Born? Christopher is thought to have been born in at Canaan. St Christopher Carrying the Chris Child across the River as depicted on a Holy Card Stories and Legends of St Christopher. St. Christopher was one of those saints who was "demoted" . The land area of Saint Kitts is about 168 km 2 (65 sq mi), being approximately 29 km (18 mi) long and on average about 8 km (5.0 mi) across. Venerated as one of the 14 Auxiliary Saints (Holy Helpers), he is the patron saint of travelers and, beginning in the 20th century, of motorists. St. The St. Christopher medal is inscribed: "Saint Christopher Our Protector." It is thought he was born sometime in the early 3rd century A.D., possibly about the year 251. Saint Christopher is a saint venerated by Roman Catholics and Orthodox Christians, listed as a martyr killed in the reign of the 3rd century Roman emperor Decius (reigned 249 - 251). Though one of the most popular saints, there is no certainty that he existed historically. In 1386 a brotherhood was founded under the patronage of St. Christopher in Tyrol and Vorarlberg, to guide travellers over the Arlberg. Born in the 300s, some say his original name was Reprobus, whereas others believe his name may have been Offerus. An archbishop and scholar, Ado was born in Sens and educated at the Benedictine abbey of Ferrieres. Abbot Lupus Servatus, an outstanding humanist of the time, trained Ado, and was impressed with the obvious holiness of the young man. But Cunningham believes his popularity, regardless of overwhelming uncertainty, is unmistakable. St. Christopher was not always called by this name. Various legends surround his life. Is he still a saint? Whatever happened to St. Christopher? The primary language is English, with a literacy rate of approximately 98%. St. Christopher is still a saint. The birthdate of St. Christopher is unknown, but he is thought to have died around 251 A.D. Saint Christopher, (flourished 3rd century; Western feast day July 25; Eastern feast day May 9), legendary martyr of the early church. Tradition holds that he died at Lycia on the southern coast of Asia Minor about the year 251. He is still considered a saint by many, but like St. George (who slayed the dragon and is considered the patron saint of England), and others who probably existed, there is just not enough hard historical proof that they existed. Most of what is known about St. Christopher is based on legend and it is believed that he may not have existed. The origin of Feast Days: most saints have specially designated feast days and are associated with a specific day of the year and these are referred to as the saint's feast day. He is the patron saint of travelers. Therefore, he was dropped form the official Catholic Church calendar in 1969. Like countless Christians over the centuries, they had a notion that Chris… In 1517, a St. Christopher temperance society existed in Carinthia, Styria, in Saxony, and at Munich. St Christopher The Patron Saint of Travelers St. Christopher, the protector of travelers, a life of service. “I think what happened was that Saint Christopher entered into the popular culture. Saint Kitts has a population of around 40,000, the majority of whom are of African descent. When I was growing up, my grandparents kept a rather large medal of St. Christopher in the glove compartment of their car. Feast Day of Saint Christopher The Feast Day of Saint Christopher is July 25th. Ado of Vienne. St. Christopher is one of those legendary saints who may, or may not have existed. Often, people recall Christopher's story as … Despite Saint Christopher’s long-lasting influence, aspects of his life are shrouded in myth and in legend.