(Best months for growing Lettuce in USA - Zone 8b regions) S = Plant undercover in seed trays P = Sow seed . Cabbage is ready for picking in a couple of months, which is plenty of time in a zone 4 garden. Water very carefully until they germinate and keep moist. First and last frost days may vary by 2 weeks (or more depending on the weather). Mon Mar 22, 2010 12:01 am. Custom programming and server maintenance by Reinvented Inc.. Connect With Us Water thoroughly at time of transplanting. Easy to grow. Seeds will not germinate in soils above 80 degrees F. or warmer. Select options. When they grow you can just trim a few off above the heart of the plant and then let them regrow. Knowing when to plant greens (such as spinach, kale, and lettuce) depends on your climate and if the leaf vegetables are heat- or cold-tolerant. Greens grow year-round in areas with mild summers and … For my area (Zone 6b), it's officially a month before last average frost date and all cold weather seeds have been planted (I couldn't wait) or will be planted. Zone 4 has shorter growing season than most USDA garden zones in the United States. Fortunately, gardeners in the rest of Region 1 have more time. Read the package to space according to the lettuce you choose. A suggestion - line a Styrofoam box with some paper or shade cloth on the bottom and fill with soil/potting mix/compost and plant the seeds very close - like 100-200 seeds. Cos and loose-headed types: Plant 8 inches apart. Sow in garden, or start in seed trays and plant out in 4-6 weeks.. Easy and simple. Cooler zones will have less to plant in August but the warmer zones are coming to life! You can start some seeds indoors and transplant the seedlings into a shady spot when the weather is too hot outside. We use saved seeds that we originally started from an heirloom variety about 5 years ago. Planting leafy green vegetables is easy, but it’s all in the timing. Zone 4 has one of the shortest growing window for gardening in the US, With a last frost date of approx May 15th and first frost date of approx September 15. Our early colonists included lettuce in the first gardens planted in American soil. When to plant lettuce from seed? I have included links to seeds that work best for your zone, in each section. With big box stores now selling vegetable seeds as early as January, it’s easy to get prematurely excited for spring. _____ Should I Plant Lettuce Seeds Or Plants? Zone 3 Planting Schedule. The Vegetable Garden Planting Calendar below will help you plan if and when your seeds … In zone 4, you can sow lettuce until Labor Day; in zone 5, you can plant until mid-September. They act as “barrier plants” for the lettuce. Consider planting rows of chives or garlic between your lettuce to control aphids. Starting seeds indoors, properly utilizing cold crops and succession planting can help you get the most out of the limited growing season. Cabbage is another favorite because it is so versatile. ... You could safely sow your lettuce seeds outside now. Best planted at soil temperatures between 8°C and 27°C. Leaf lettuce: Plant 4 inches apart. Lettuce is so easy to grow it can be started indoors for early transplants or sown directly in the garden. Today, lettuce is a favorite vegetable here and around the world.