Can anyone recommend a good appetizer to … Looking for inspiration for dinner (or breakfast, or lunch?) However, since we are basically talking about beef stew, one can expand the list to include Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, or any other red wine than has sufficient tannins to counter the rich and tender stewed beef. Place the beef, red wine, thyme, bay leaf and garlic into a large bowl. Read my recipe, then start planning a lovely dinner party. You can sub the fresh minced garlic with 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder if you don’t have cloves. discussion from the Chowhound Home Cooking, French food community. Slather the cut side with a compound butter/fresh garlic mixture, and … Preheat the oven to 160C/320F/Gas 3. cookbook - 120 family meals from Mumsnetters. But with Burgundy beef, just about any simple, buttered veggie works. So, how is my version of Beef Burgundy (Boeuf Bourguignon) different from so many others out there? When thinking about wines to pair with Beef Bourguignon, Pinot Noir immediately comes to mind. But when I think of Julia, I think of beef bourguignon… Join the discussion today. Anytime I serve mashed potatoes, I'm tempted to serve peas, because they're so good together. As an appetizer, serve some Gougère with a kir (white wine with creme de cassis) when guests arrive. While beef bourguignon is not a meal to be made in 30 minutes, it is certainly a meal that’s budget-friendly. Beef Bourguignon is normally a recipe I would save for the colder months when it’s lovely to have the house warmed with the slow-cooking oven and flooded with the rich aromas of the dish. Appetizer idea to compliment a meal of Boef Bourguignon I am making Julia Child's Boeuf bourguignon for my friends birthday dinner. Ingrédients (pour 6 personnes) : 1,5 kg de bœuf pour bourguignon, 200 g de lardons, 60 g de beurre, 10 petits oignons, 2 carottes, 2 gousses d'ail It’s all about choosing the right cut of meat. The stew is typically made in a Dutch oven, but you can also prepare it in a convenient slow cooker if you're pressed for time. (I certainly wasn’t going to cook the roast suckling pig.) Sourdough loaf, cut into 1/2 lengthwise then into sections of about 1-1/2". We always serve this with garlic bread. Recette de Boeuf bourguignon la mieux notée par les internautes. I’ll often make this stew with a budget cut of meat, like chuck, because it can easily be transformed into tender beef with a slow-cooking process such as this. Try our Top Bananas! Need a good starter and dessert to go with beef bourguignon? I'm cooking a french meal for 12 on the first day of our holiday. For the first dinner course - escargot in garlic butter served with a white Burgundy. Photograph: Felicity Cloake I t’s a mystery to me how this giant of the French classical repertoire has escaped the clutches of this column for so long. The slow cooker beef bourguignon is perfect for setting the night before, because you’ll wake up to stew that is perfectly cooked and ready to serve later that day. What to Eat in France: Boeuf Bourguignon, or Burgundy-style beef stew in red wine, inspired by French chef Bernard Loiseau by Jonell Galloway Boeuf à la bourguignonne , also referred to as beef or boeuf bourguignon , is a French classic from the Burgundy wine region of France.