Supposedly, the ones mean you're a leader, the five signifies free-spirited and artistic creativity, the nine makes you a compassionate humanitarian, and the three adds a dash of humor and optimism. So what exactly is favor? DEMOGRAPHICS) Johnson reached its top position of #481 in … John is itself from the Hebrew name "Yochanan", meaning "God has favoured me (with a son)". Bill Johnson. Taking the Lord’s name in vain does NOT mean what you state. I think we are most familiar with the idea that favor is preferential treatment shown to somebody. Recorded in the spellings of Jonson, Johnson, Joinson, Joynson and the incredibly popular Jones, although this is always treated as a separate surname, all derive from John. Steven has absolutely no meaning in Hebrew. (2000 U.S. Through this process we find that this Hebrew verb is paralleled with such ideas as healing, help, being lifted up, finding refuge, strength and salvation (literally rescue). Where does one run to … That is what David proclaimed. Information and translations of Johnson.. in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. When you defame The Most High by sinning and breaking HIS law, THEN you take HIS NAME IN VAIN. The name Ioannes is a form of the Hebrew name Yochanan (יוֹחָנָן). Once we have a basic understanding of the Hebrew alphabet, vocabulary, language and philosophy, we can now begin to interpret the Bible from an Ancient Hebrew perspective rather than from a Western one. Answer: Hebrews 6:4–6 states, “It is impossible for those who have once been enlightened, who have tasted the heavenly gift, who have shared in the Holy Spirit, who have tasted the goodness of the word of God and the powers of the coming age and who have fallen away, to be brought back to repentance.” Johnson is used chiefly in English and it is derived from Hebrew origins. When asking in modern Hebrew "how are you" the second word sounds like it shares the same root. Meaning of Johnson... What does Johnson.. mean? Johnson is a variant of the name John (English and Hebrew) in the English language. By Chani Benjaminson. This is a famous Anglo-Scottish patronymic surname of medieval origins. In the New Testament, John is the name of two characters, John the Baptist and the apostle John. From a concrete Hebraic perspective, חנן (Hh.N.N) means all of this, which we can sum up with "providing protection." Johnson is a somewhat prominent first name for men (#1128 out of 1220, Top 92%) and an even more prominent last name for both adults and children (#2 out of 150436, Top 1%). Definition of Johnson.. in the dictionary. In order to grow in favor, you must first have favor. The name John is derived from the Hebrew elements yo an abbreviated form for the Name of the Lord and chanan meaning "grace or favor". What Does Shalom Mean? The meaning of Johnson is son of John. *These names don't have "real" Hebrew forms. Topics Biblical Interpretation The Aaronic Blessing from a Hebrew Perspective By Jeff A. Benner. (2000 U.S. DEMOGRAPHICS) Johnson reached its top position of #481 in … Janson (Scandinavian), Jensen (Scandinavian), Johnston, Johnstun, Johnsun, Johston, Jonson, Jonston, Jonstun, and Jonsun are variants of Johnson. For example, Stephen comes from Greek meaning "crown. It is the English version of the name Stephen, which in itself is a variation of the Greek name Στέφανος (pronounced Stephanos). Since my post of this, I did some research and I believe that you are on to something. A friend of mine who lived in Israel for a year was told on his first day of classes at Hebrew University to never say in a conversation about a woman, “Yeah, I know her.” He was told this because saying that you “know” someone, in that culture, means you are or have been intimate with that person. "The Hebrew name Atar also means "crown" and therefore is given as a "translation."