You can use any kind of vegetables that you like or whatever is available at home with you. Cooking Dum Biryani with dum technique and using fresh ground spices makes it more flavorful and aromatic. Vegetable biryani recipe in a pressure cooker. That time, I always would make the Hyderabadi veg dum biryani or my mom’s version of the dum biryani at home. This Pressure Cooker Veg Biryani gives the traditional recipe a simple, quick and delicious twist. Here is how to make veg biryani recipe with step by step photos. Do give this vegetable biryani recipe in pressure cooker / Instant Pot this weekend, I promise you won’t be disappointed. Making dum biryani is very easy at home and one can even prepare it in a pressure cooker. I have taken as many pics as possible making veg biryani recipe, hope you find it useful. Dum Veg Biryani is a great vegetarian version in which you don’t need to marinate veggies and it is very simple and easy to cook. Disclaimer: This Pressure Cooker Veg Biryani post was a developed in partnership with the Crock-Pot® brand. This restaurant style veg dum biryani recipe was first posted three years back. I have made this Biryani in a traditional pressure cooker too. Restaurant style veg dum biryani recipe With step by step photos – veg dum biryani is my most favorite rice based dish.If I have to have biryani everyday, I won’t mind it at all. The Easy Vegetable Biryani Recipe in Pressure Cooker is a perfect dish for any occasion. Add a bay leaf, whole garam masala that is cinnamon stick, cardamom and cloves, shahi zeera and saute for few seconds. Serve veg biryani with raita, mirch ka salan, kacumber, fryums etc. All I can say is that each bite of this Veg biryani recipe was heavenly. if you are looking for more easy biryani recipes do check paneer biryani, aloo biryani recipes. The procedures are also very simple. All opinions in this post are, as always, my own. You can find this recipe Here. The amount of water that you use to cook the Easy Vegetable Biryani Recipe in Pressure Cooker would depend upon the type and quality of the rice that you use. 1. All opinions in this post are, as always, my own. How to make veg biryani in cooker: A quick and easy pressure cooker veg biryani made by quickly mixing rice and vegetables and pressure cooking them together. It is easy to make and taste very delicious. Take a pressure cooker, add 2 tbsp oil and heat it.