This serves as general guide by Urban Jungle. The best cacti and succulents for sale online and shipped straight you from the nursery. Broms to suit the trendy, classy, cheery or conservative. We have the perfect packs ready to go. Urban Jungle was founded by a Philly transplant from California who needed a new way to garden while living in the city. Important points to consider:-One night at -15C can be less damaging to plants than 7 consecutive nights at -7C. … Aroids for sale (All sizes are approximate) Skip to navigation Skip to content. Canna Ermine (Indian shot) Family Cannaceae Garden Origin Very large and showy, creamy/white flowers with lemon centres. We are Philadelphia’s premier urban garden specialist for design, installation, and maintenance of indoor and outdoor large-scale residential and commercial projects. For more specific advice based upon the exact care required, please consult a member of the Urban Jungle team. We can also order that special one you want. Growing your own plants has never been easier and more enjoyable. Menu. Come on in and view the selection in our store, choose from our catalogs or have some fun and go online with us and see the selections on our large screen tv monitors! We can also order that special one you want. Favorite ... because here they come. Specifications found on each item description. Sort and browse our plants, or use the filters available... Filter your search. Alocasia 'Bambino' (Bambino Series) - Bright white veins protruding from a dark background, the arrow shaped leaves can reach over a 30cm in length, more pointed than 'polly' and smaller growing. One standard delivery fee applies. Buy Rodgersia 'Bronze Peacock', , online plants for sale, at Urban Jungle plant nursery via mail order. Vitis vinifera 'Purpurea' - (Purple grape vine) AGM Family Vitaceae Originating form N. temperate regions Vigorous, woody, deciduous climber with bold, plum purple leaves and dark purple grapes in late summer. Filter you Search. AMAZING Bromeliads at AMAZING prices! Urban Jungle; Cafe. Lose yourself amongst a beautiful maze of exotic and unusual plants including cacti and succulents, bamboo, trees, climbers and ferns to name a few. Vertical landscaping services, plants and planters for the Philadelphia area urban gardener. Which plant is your favorite one? Urban Jungle DC | Providing the largest and finest selection of orchids, succulents and cacti, exotic and tropical plants, as well as cut flowers We use anonymous cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.