Click here to see The Ultimate BBQ Road Trip for 2013 Slideshow! Not to mention, we have two different styles to choose from. Share. Plan your road trip with Roadtrippers. The Ultimate American Road Trip Created by a computer programmer in 2016, this epic journey visits all 48 continental states and 50 recognized … Share. Ultimate Barbecue Road Trip American barbecue is an institution in the southeastern states, but particularly in Texas, Missouri, Tennessee and North Carolina. Follow me through my ultimate southern USA road trip! While one is vinegar, the other tomato, they’re both still delicious. Many would-be visitors to the USA dream of exploring on a lengthy road trip. ... Soak up the sun on the ultimate Gulf Coast getaway. (And make sure to check out my complete road trip packing list to make sure you have all your road trip essentials before you go!) Image: Mashable Composite, franklin barbecue… Shows the top 20 BBQ restaurants in the USA! What better way to mark this month’s 180th anniversary of Texas’s independence then by embarking on the ultimate Texas road trip (mapped out above)? A Classic USA Road Trip Itinerary – 1 Week on Route 66 Day 1: Chicago – St. Louis. Few things in life are more liberating than a road trip. This BBQ road trip gives you the best of both worlds. North Carolina BBQ is one of the greatest things in the world. Route 66 officially starts in Chicago. Table . Share. The route can be completed in just 10 days and a meal at each place can be covered using just $700, according to Go Shindig. The Ultimate North Carolina Barbecue Road Trip Is Here And You’ll Want To Do It. The top 20 BBQ restaurants in the US! Trip Guide. Table . The Ultimate BBQ Road Trip. As a spread out nation, this place is best suited to those who travel by car or camper. Table . As a spread out nation, this place is best suited to those who travel by car or camper. for a Picker Road Trip in 2019 if my husband has anything to do with it. The Ultimate BBQ Road Trip. East Coast Historical Road Trip – 14 days; Ultimate East Coast Road Trip – 21 days; Below is a list of sample East Coast USA road trips. If you are serious about hitting the road in search of America this year, we hope this ultimate American road trip guide will be of use to you. You can find the full map here with all the details of each stop-off point: The route in summary: Discover America on and off the road with the country's most classic drives. The U.S. has many iconic road trips. Hot weather, warm smiles, and arguably some of the best grub in the country make up the foundation of this unique region. Are you or somebody you know one of the misinformed who believe there is nothing good to see or do in the Sunflower State? I have never considered visiting Texas although I had Austin as my No. As with many roads, Route 66 changed over the years, and there are a number of different versions of the road, which are referred to as alignments.