For those who want to explore beyond the crowds and lift-served terrain, backcountry skis (also referred to as alpine touring skis) are the ticket. In a nutshell, they … At its most basic, it means you’re responsible for getting yourself up whatever you’re planning to carve, float or race down. RSS. Phew! Get the gear, education, and a guide to go beyond the ropes and explore the wild terrain and untouched snow of the backcountry. However, if a ski is marketed as both a telemark and alpine touring ski it is more likely that the ski is flexible and therefore able to be used for both styles. Well, here goes, my review of my Fischer Spiders XC skis. The Types of All-purpose Backcountry Skis … Best Backcountry (Touring) Skis 2019 – 2020 There's a huge variety of touring and backcountry skis out there. Ski touring, AT skiing, ski mountaineering, randonee … whatever you call it, getting into the backcountry on skis is becoming more and more popular. by Jordan Tiernan. In partnership with: Beyond your (obviously flawless) technique, skis are the first thing that will influence your ability to ski in certain conditions. What Are Backcountry Skis? They look quite different from your average cross country skis, and that’s because true backcountry skiing requires a shorter, wider ski to … SKI Magazine tested dozens of backcountry skis last spring, and these 11 are the best of the best for the coming ski season. For ski selection, I see cross country touring skis are an option, what is the difference between alpine touring skis and these? Backcountry skiing covers the range from alpine touring and freeskiing to ski mountaineering and randonnée (also called skimo or rando racing). Ski bindings: downhill vs. backcountry. Here is what I wanna do, most likely I want to do more of backcountry skiing, but I also would like to do random downhill skiing as well. If you’re looking for real freedom on skis you might be a candidate for backcountry cross-country skiing. They differ from standard downhill (alpine) models in a few ways, the most … If you want to get into backcountry skiing, esp touring, go to a local outfitter that has the expertise for this type of skiing. Start with downhill-specific ski bindings. Tired of liftlines? These skis can be used on groomed XC trails and especially off-trails. Nordic Touring Skis. New Touring Ski's for 2020! It’s often done with alpine touring or telemark gear, where you use climbing skins and bindings with a free-heel feature to ski uphill and then back down. someone’ AT skis and her waxless touring skis. Shop the best selection of alpine touring skis at, where you'll find premium outdoor gear and clothing and experts to guide you through selection. If you're looking for an excellent set of XC skis, I recommend the Fischer Spider 62's. The stiffer a cambered ski, the less likely it will perform well for a telemarker on crusty snow. Backcountry skiing (sometimes called off-piste skiing) is any type of skiing done outside the patrolled boundaries of a ski area. Whether it's DPS's new C2 chassis or Blizzards update to the Carbon Drive 2.0, technology keeps advancing and so does the construction of the touring ski world. The main type of skiing you plan to do is the first step to choosing your ski bindings. Here, we take a look at what lightweight means in the ski industry, the difference between on-mountain skis and backcountry skis, and how bindings play a role in your overall setup. Backcountry Blog; New Touring Ski's for 2020! I'd like to have only 1 pair of skis and I certainly enjoy downhill skiing, but would like to right tool for the job. The arch is less pronounced in order to provide more even weight distribution for smoother turns when carving. Ski touring, or ‘earning your turns,’ as it’s rightly called, has never been more popular. DPS went after changing up their line of Alchemist ski's by introducing the C2 Construction. What Are Backcountry Ski Boots? Share. BASE. Narrower and lighter than alpine or telemark skis but bigger and burlier than classic skis, Nordic touring skis are ideal for rough trails, ungroomed exploration, deep snow. ... Alpine Touring Backcountry Skiing Gear List Gear Review Glades Kingdom Trails Massachusetts Minuteman Trail Mountain Biking Mt. Reach for a Nordic touring/backcountry ski when you want to explore the hills and woods and not be bound to groomed trails. AT gear keeps getting better and better at handling the down. On firm snow, even when nearly flat, the hybrid skis are virtually useless.