… Relieving the water pressure will help (turn off the water supply and dispense water until it stops). Samsung is a South Korean company famous for its home electronics. I bought the Aqua Pure Plus filter at Lowe's last week. The "ridges" look different from the previous filter, and from the picture on the box, as shown in my picture (left is replacement, right is the filter we removed from the fridge). Step 5. What to do if your replacement filter doesn't fit. I just replaced my refrigerator (RFG297HDBP) water filter with a genuine Samsung replacement filter. Please share your ZIP Code to find a nearby Best Buy location, our Samsung representative, wants to know about you so they can assist you better., our Samsung representative at Best Buy, want to know about you to set up a personal demonstration on your next galaxy device. ... Insert new filter and turn one-quarter turn clockwise to lock in place. Went to install last night and it won't insert to be able to twist. Pull downward to remove the filter. Updated on May 16, 2019. Step 2. I want to change the water filter in my samsung refrigertor and I can't get the old one out.It's stuck and won't come out. How to Change the Water Filter in a Samsung Twin-Door Refrigerator. Changing the water filter on time provides you with the freshnest, cleanest water from your refrigerator. Step 3. I used a exacto knife and worked off less than 1/16th of a inch to match the old Samsung filter precisely. To install the water filter, turn the filter knob to the left-hand side. A Samsung refrigerator has a filter indicator light to inform you when it is time to change the water filter. To install the water filter, turn the filter knob to the left-hand side. Reinstall a new filter by pushing it into place and then turning it clockwise. We had no air pocket evidence and we still could not remove it after turning off the water. Turn the filter clockwise until it no longer turns. It takes about 1/4 turn to release the filter. I did this only after contacting Samsung Support who told me to turn the old filter to the left, further than need be to remove it, and that this action would "reset" the filter holder/receptacle somehow. I inquired a few days ago and the technician wanted to charge $28.00 and today they wanted to charge $35.00. Step 5: Install the Samsung Water Filter. Solved: I’ve tried removing the water filter and I can’t move it to remove it - 673624 We tried running a full gallon of water. It takes about 1/4 turn to release the filter. Once the filter has been replaced press and hold the CHILD LOCK and ICE TYPE buttons simultaneously for 2 … I can pull out the filter and reinstall it and the same thing happens ( I have pulled it … Step 4. But, who knows what could be swimming around inside that kludged filter? You can find the water filter in a Samsung refrigerator in the back-right corner at the top of the refrigerator. If the filter won’t release, carefully pull your refrigerator forward and turn off the main water supply. Its obvious that Samsung has changed the keeys and keeping quiet as Samsung support and vendor support were big letdowns. The light changes to purple once the filter is five months old. If your filter is stuck, you can easily remove it and reinstall the apparatus. The light starts out in a blue color, indicating a fresh filter. However, after pressing the area on the control panel for 3 seconds, the water filter indicator light won't reset and is still red. Could not turn it past unlock. Can't turn the old Aqua-Pure water filter in a Samsung RS2577SL at all. And yes, the water flows and the DA29-00003G defective filter has been altered to work. Make sure the lock icon lines up with the filter housing. When I removed the old filter there was a splash of water, which I had not experienced when I had done this before. When the fridge determines that the water filter is nearing the end of it,s life it will illuminate the change filter symbol on the display in red. You should be able to remove the filter without turning off the water supply. more. You've just got yourself a new filter for your refrigerator and you take the old one out, but the new one just doesn't want to go in. Won't budge and am concerned will tear it off the back of the refrigerator.