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Now Reading. 19 Easy Recipes Every College Student Should Know. This recipe is super easy and you only need a couple of things. Cooking in a small apartment or dorm room has never been easier! There have been a few times that I have cooked meals for my husband and I then make our college student a freezer meal from what I have cooked. For some students, heading to college means their first experience attempting to cook for themselves. 0 Comments. College is expensive, but your dinner doesn't have to be. It seems easy to snag a $2 slice of pizza the size of your face on your way home from campus, rather than … ... 20 Quick And Easy Meals For College Students… They're the perfect size to prop up on your desk, and you can brew a cup right before class, or whenever you need a little pick-me-up! Don't forget your cooking gear. Busy college students don’t have much time to cook nor the budget to drop $250 at the grocery store for food. Living in dorms doesn’t exactly help the situation, since universities make money from students eating at their dining halls. As a college student, cooking tends to be foreign territory that has yet to be tread. Allrecipes has more than 480 trusted campus cooking recipes complete with ratings, reviews and cooking tips. ... Epicurious… Between juggling classes, work, homework and extracurricular activities and groups on campus, it’s safe to say the average college student is extremely busy. 0. Recipes will then be a good size for your college student to use. Preparing meals in the dorm is easy, healthy, and tasty with guidance from College … Unfortunately the Instant Pot wasn’t around then but it is PERFECT for making college meals in a small apartment or dorm now right??! As you can guess: a bagel, pizza/tomato sauce, shredded mozzarella and pepperoni (optional). When looking for recipes for your college student, you can take recipes and cut them in 1/4. (That's why you need these Crock pot recipes!) During junior year most college students live off campus in an apartment, and for the first time, they get a real sense of …