Cook the corn for 8-10 minutes on 400 degrees. Allow the corn to cool down, approximately 5 minutes. The fire roasting really gives this grilled corn on the cob seasoning a wonderful taste. A traditional grilled corn recipe is served slathered with butter and sprinkled with salt. Grilled Corn on the Cob {Referral links are used in this post.} For this French onion grilled corn, I ended up doing both grilled corn on the cob in foil and a quick-fire roasted corn on the cob. We'll show you how to grill corn on the cob three easy ways and share favorite recipes to try. Check in on the corn on the cob. Fire Roasted Corn On The Cob. Instructions. Disadvantages: The corn won't be quite as juicy as corn steamed in the husk or in foil. If you want some grill marks on your corn on the cob, (as shown in the photos), you can pull off a few of the outer husk leaves, leaving less of a barrier between the outer leaves and the corn cob, for more the charring to reach the corn. In a small bowl, combine the vegetable oil, salt, and ground pepper to taste. When you’re grilling out, grilled corn on the cob is the perfect side dish – just toss it on the grill along with your main course. If you like charred corn with a grilled taste, the corn will need a longer cook … You’ll love this method not only because it’s quick and flavorful but you can throw them on the grill to the side of the meat while it cooks and get two things done at once. Advantages: It's quick and easy, it lets you keep an eye on the corn as it grills, and it produces plenty of smoky, charred, grilled flavor. When the pan is hot, brush the corn with the seasoned oil and then grill all sides until the corn is charred and cooked (8-12 minutes total). We may not be able to agree on the best way to grill corn, but let's at least have a delicious ear or two shoved in our mouths while arguing over it, okay? Heat a grill pan over medium-high heat. Cooking corn on the cob on the grill gives this sweet summer vegetable a hint of smoky flavor that pairs perfectly with burgers, beans, ribs, salmon, and of course, the great outdoors. Grill, baby, grill! When the ears of ... Brush the olive oil or melted butter over the corn and season with salt and pepper. Each air fryer cooks at different speeds. How to grill corn on the cob- The Best Grilled Corn On The Cob In Foil With Garlic Butter – quick to make, simple, flavorful and delicious. Grilled Corn on the Cob is definitely something to get fired up about. Easy Grilled Corn On The Cob With Husk – the perfect grilled corn, no foil needed, sweet and charred, ready in under 30 minutes. It’s amazing how a little smoke and a little char enhances the sweetness and brings out the true flavor of corn. Microwave up to 6 ears of corn with husks and silk intact for 8 minutes. Instructions. Grilled Corn on the Cob. Works great as a side dish or added to salads, bowls or soups.