Open the sashes to a clear, unobstructed view. It allows for wider field of vision when both sashes are in open position. Compared with double-hung windows, French casement windows are more popular due to the greater ventilation they provide. Open the sashes to a clear, unobstructed view. Conversely, when the window is closed, the device is reset. Traditional hinged screens add a historical touch-of-class and feature a color matched knob. Push-Out Casement. French casement windows provide better energy efficiency because they close tightly into the sash on all sides. The Push-out casement window incorporates single and double styles of a casement window. The in-swing French casement window with its cremone hardware has character and historic charm and perfectly integrates with any residential project. Weather Shield Windows and Doors has announced the introduction of an all-new Push Out Casement Window as an additional offering in their Premium Series. Contemporary Collection Push-Out Casement As a beautiful alternative to crank-out-style windows, our push-out casement and awning windows offer the latest technology with a modern design free from limitations. Product Specifications. The sash swings open with a simple turn of the handle, while the friction hinges keep it firmly in place whether fully or partially opened. French Outswing Casements A Hallmark of European Design. With no center vertical post, the Ultimate French Casement Push Out window provides uninterrupted views. Open the sashes to a clear, unobstructed view. How to Operate and Adjust the Marvin® Ultimate French Casement. The tighter fit reduces air transfer, keeping the warm air in during winter and the hot air out during summer. We’ve paired the best of European window design with North American practicality. Push out French casement windows have two operable sashes that open outward. To close, the sash pulls tightly to the frame, with weather stripping to prevent air infiltration and further promote energy efficiency. Lever handles are used to open the sashes, and historical stay bars are included at the sill to hold the sashes open.