Seed Book. Grow seeds with toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners… anyone! Plant a Seed Foundation provides children the opportunity to experience the seed-to-table cycle through outdoor learning experiences including farm visits.more School & Community Gardens The Foundation provides funding opportunities for qualified donees that work with schools and communities across Canada to experience the seed-to-table cycle. Water is a critical part of gardening and, if your child enjoys nothing else, playing with the hose or the watering can be a highlight. The bean and corn were the fastest to sprout, while the tomato came in third, and the watermelon took the longest to sprout. In this plant-science activity, first graders will compare and contrast a variety of flower, fruit and tree seeds. PLANTING YOUR LEARNING GARDEN Planting is a fun, interactive, and impactful experience for you and your students. Head Outdoors to Explore How Leaves Help a Plant Get Light. Hold a class discussion about the basic needs of plants. Remember, no planting experience is complete without follow up so please consider being involved in the ongoing care and harvests of the crops you planted. Plant seeds at the depth indicated on the seed packets, usually about 1/2 inch deep for beans. They will plant three flower seeds (same variety) and observe changes by keeping a log book to note these changes as it grows over a period of 8-10 weeks. Paint with Chlorophyll. By planting four different types, children were able to observe which seeds germinate for shorter or longer periods of time. There are so many seeds and items to grow in the classroom! Activity for ages 1 to 5. Growing plants from seed allows students a hands-on way to experience the life cycle of a plant. The students should recall that water, sunlight, soil and fertilizer are important. There are so many skills that can be incorporated into this activity: science, life cycle, the responsibility of caring for a plant, fine motor, attention to task, color, shapes, and patience… I wish you could smell that fresh cut grass.