This is to ensure that employers have the financial means to afford to hire. Increased minimum wages applicable for existing maids as new recruits are not coming to UAE The last revision for the minimum salary took place in 2012, where it went up from S$500 to S$550. 19 November 2009 update: Expat deposit for maids has been reduced from AED 5000 to AED 2000 but is not refundable until after the domestic worker leaves the UAE, according to a report in the Gulf News, which quoted a senior unnamed UAE Ministry of Interior official as saying "The deposit has been lowered by Dh3,000 to only Dh2,000"Families living in Dubai UAE can sponsor a maid or nanny. Previously, residents had to earn Dhs6,000 to sponsor a domestic worker. The Philippine embassy in Oman is set to enforce the minimum wage for Filipino workers from March 1, it was reported on Monday. Are there any minimums for wages in Dubai? The minimum wage required by expatriates to sponsor a maid in the UAE has now been increased to Dhs25,000. On top of this, domestic helpers are entitled to a food allowance of HK$1,121 per month or the employer must provide food. In 2013, the UAE Ministry of Labour approved three rules for minimum salaries for different types of workers. In 2007, Filipinos in the UAE sent more than US$500 ... have set the monthly minimum salary for OFW's at US$400. Increased minimum wages applicable for existing maids as new recruits are not coming to UAE Minimum wage as per UAE government and embassies Indian maids – salary expectation of AED1,100 onwards Filipino maids – salary expectation of AED1,400 onwards Sri Lankan maids – salary expectation of AED825 onwards Hiring a Filipino maid in Singapore costlier. As per a worker, i would suggest if you at hired at any place start you salary range from 2800 AED to 3000 AED as a fresher . f. The deposit of AED2,000 will only be refunded once your maid permanently leaves the country. A maid's visa can be obtained by the head of the family, whose salary is not less than Dh6,000 a month or Dh5,000 plus accommodation. [2019 Edition] How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Maid In Singapore? The Cost of Living Survey for 2018 by Mercer reveals that Dubai has dropped in ranking from the 19th to 26th most expensive city, which indicates the decrease in cost of living in Dubai, in comparison to other cities in the world.