The design philosophy is about focusing on the basic elements and the function of the piece. Italian Mid Century Furniture Designers such as Paolo Buffa, Osvaldo Borsani, Gio Ponti, Mangiarotti, Bellini, Franco Albini, Ico Parisi and many more. We think Mid Century Modern furniture, fabrics and accessories will only become more valuable in the coming years. The term 'Mid-Century Modern' was coined in 1983 by scholar and journalist Cara Greenburg, nearly two decades after the trend’s heyday, in a book on 1950s furniture. Also, the information and basic skills are the same no matter what the style, but the design elements are different. Then head to our guide to 1940s furniture design to find out about the origins of the movement. Mid-century modern home decor is quickly becoming a popular decorating style. Mid-century Modern design has various implications in how social, economic, and even political climates affect the aesthetics of the design. For decades, Mid Century Modern homes and interiors didn’t get the historical respect they deserved. Midcentury-modern furniture design is iconic, and, luckily for collectors, it shows no signs of fading. Mid-Century – Art, Fabrics, Furniture, Jewelry & Accessories Interest in Mid Century Modern Art & Design Surging. All of the above designers are some of my favorite 20th century mid-century modern furniture masters. Mid-century modern furniture designs are uncluttered and sleek, characterized by functionality and form. Since when vintage became a trend, Mid-century modern furniture designers started to be the most requested ones for projects of interior design. Want to learn more about mid-century modern design? On the heels of successful mid-century television shows like Mad Men, people across the country are opting for a 1960s style interior, or at least a few elements that represent the style!Mid-century modern decor is great for anyone who loves minimalistic design and warm brown hues. Mid-Century Modern was in many ways a reaction against the over-elaborate and highly decorative styles that were previously fashionable. Mid Century Modern Designer George Nelson.