Numerous scientific studies have proven the positives of having more greenery in your workspace. Health and well-being benefits of plants Concentration and Memory. On a purely physical level, plants remove carbon dioxide from the air and replace it with oxygen, improving our indoor air quality. Being outside around trees and ornamental horticulture is proven to improve people’s mental health, and give them a more positive outlook on their lives. Living plants can do a great job cleaning up the indoor air we breath — and they’re also great for our mood, and much more. Our study presents relevant data that can explain the mechanism behind the health benefits of active interaction with indoor plants, from the standpoint of the stress response. Pride and Accomplishment. The physical element of gardening improves your physical health (which in turn improves mental health), and releases mood-enhancing endorphins. Find out which indoor foliage can deliver health benefits. Plants help to give the immune system a much-needed boost, especially during flu season. Best known for its stress-relieving mental benefits, the scent of lavender is often used in spa products like bath salts, skincare creams, soaps and candles. Here are the top seven benefits for employees – and their employers But they don't just affect our physical health; the presence of plants have psychological benefits as well. Plants to … It's not just your mental health that benefits. Empathy. It’s true – a 1989 NASA experiment found that certain indoor plants can improve the air quality in a home by absorbing chemicals like benzene and formaldehyde from the air. Although many studies reported positive effects of indoor plants, most of them have been focused on the benefits of passive interaction with indoor plants [11,13,30,31]. When you get more sleep and feel more relaxed, your immune system is … House plants are known to increase our focus, memory , heighten our attention and enhance creativity in us by increasing the oxygen in the air we breathe and by removing pollutants present in the air inside our home. These include happier moods, better job satisfaction, and stronger relationships. Health and well-being benefits of plants. Having indoor plants can improve your mental … Your physical health does too. You can place a lavender plant anywhere in your home, but putting it in your bedroom is especially helpful since it may help you sleep better.