According to a recent report, the retail giant is expecting to close down 28 stores this year.The company has yet to announce a full Macy’s store closings 2020 list … The moves are part of a previously announced plan to trim the retailer's massive store fleet and cut back on expenses. Macy's is closing 30 stores in early 2020.; In August 2016, Macy's said it would close 100 stores. No Oregon stores on list of planned Macy’s closures Posted Jan 09, 2020 In this July 10, 2015, file photo, shoppers walk into a Macy's department store at the Hanover Mall in Hanover, Mass. The only store that is safe is … They don’t care about employees or management in any way. I’ve been part of a closing store it’s a bs way of doing things. Local reports indicate more than a dozen stores will close in the next two months. Macy's is closing close to a dozen stores early this year. Over 9,000 retail stores closed in the U.S. in 2019, according to data from Coresight Research, and after one month into the new year major retailers have announced roughly 1,000 more store closures scheduled for 2020. Macy's has confirmed the closures of 15 stores across the country in early 2020. Brick and Mortor is dead it's just a matter of time before they close. Here’s a list of the Macy’s stores reportedly closing in 2020: Connecticut. At the start of the new year, Macy's announced it would close 28 stores. FN provides a list of the locations set to shutter. A list of Macy's stores that are supposedly closing this year (in 2020): Connecticut Macy's announced Wednesday that they will be closing 68 stores and laying-off some 4,000 employees nationwide. Since then, it has been closing locations as their leases expire. (CNN/CBS) — Macy’s said Tuesday that it will close 125 stores over the next three years, nearly one fifth of the department store chain’s total locations. Macy’s Store Closings List: 15 Stores … The company plans to open seven new freestanding Macy’s Backstage stores at off-mall locations in 2020, plus 50 Backstage “stores-within-a-store” this year. Thread regarding Macy's Louisiana - Lafayette - 70503. At the end of October every year Biglots like to send “corporate people” out to stores and sit them down and tell them they are closing that store then go to the next store on there list. Thread regarding Macy's Louisiana - Lafayette - 70503. Here’s a list of the Macy’s stores reportedly closing in 2020: Connecticut. Here's a list of the stores set to close in the next few months. Bed Bath & Beyond - They're just looking at closing 40 stores for the time being but many are afraid that is just the start of it.