The Guinness Book of World Records identifies 'The Tombstone', a double white Lady Banks', as the single largest rose plant in the world. Try it as a ground cover. Bloom Season: Early Spring through Mid Spring. And her trunk…yes, it’s a trunk…is over 12 feet in circumference. The Lady Banks rose cutting will root in about three to five weeks. Lady Banks' rose (Rosa banksiae) makes planting a simple task whether you choose a bare-root rose or a container-grown plant. Fast-growing up to 20 feet. The species is a native to central and western China, where it has been cultivated for hundreds of years. Ground Cover Roses. Résistant aux maladies et à la sécheresse. It has bright white, fully double blooms perfectly shaped like a miniature rose flower. She’s almost 130 years old and covers over 8,000 square feet of the roof of an old inn. Evergreen Climbing Lady Banks Rose Ornamental Pear Tree Ground Cover Roses Breakfast Tea. Lady Banks’ Rose in full glory! Groundcover Plants Stock Photos Ground covers (268 images). Saved by. The lady banks rose is thornless and does not attach to buildings, but will climb on a trellis, serve as a ground cover on slopes and cascade over edges. This rose bush with the Guinness record, covers an area of 8000 square feet and its … It is a lady banksia rose, which is popularly known as lady banks rose. Notwithstanding typical growth expectations, a specimen of this rose that was planted in Tombstone, Arizona in 1884 apparently now covers more than 8000 square feet of space. Plants that reached Kew would be named for Lady Banks, wife of the director of Kew and financier of many expeditions to Asia. Lady Banks Yellow Rose - 3 Gallon Pot; The Lady Banks is an old-fashioned thornless climbing or large shrub rose that explodes with clusters of miniature butter-yellow blossoms in the spring. Attributes - Rosa banksiae 'Lutea' Plant Type: Rose, Vine. Ground covers—relatively low-growing plants that are aggressive enough to eat up some territory and keep weeds at bay—can be the solution. Le Rosier de Banks est dédié à Sir Joseph Banks, un éminent botaniste, explorateur et naturaliste Britannique. Nearly evergreen and thornless, it is extremely vigorous. Excellent as underplanting for normal roses, ground cover roses are a low growing or prostrate form that have actually been around for a long time but ground cover roses have recently been promoted as ‘Carpet Roses’ and this is what they do. C'est l'un des rares Rosiers qui n'est pas sujet aux maladies. The White Drift® Rose is the newest addition to the Drift® series.