Some can be sprouted, though. Sprouting literally infuses it with life energy and makes the nutrients readily available for your body to absorb and far easier for your body to digest. I use the jar that I used to sprout with. Examples include sprouted lentils, mung beans, adzuki beans, garbanzo beans and peas. Sprouted lentils are a great addition to salads, sandwiches, curries and wraps. On the third day (some people wait till the 4th) you will have sprouts with about a 1/4-1/2" tail on them. Directions for Sprouting Brown Lentils (Using a Mason Jar and Screen Insert). As a result, enzymes are produced to convert nutrients for the growing plant to utilize. Sprouting lentils at home is easy to do and they make a nutritious addition to sandwiches, salads, and wraps. Every 8-12 hours after wards, rinse and drain until lentils sprout. Welcome to Sproutpeople's Sprout Wonderland. Follow these instructions & you’ll be eating sprouted lentils in a matter of days. After you have successfully sprouted lentils, let them dry out completely before storing. The other reason your lentils might not sprout is if they are too cold. Sprouts are best stored refrigerated in a produce bag. Sprouted lentils are a great addition to salads, sandwiches, curries and wraps. Our site contains hundreds of pages of detailed sprout information and hundreds of sprouting seeds and supplies for sale. Lentils can also be sprouted. Lentils are high in protein. I have actually switched over to using sprouted lentils most of the time now that quality organic ones are available at the healthfood store. Sprouted lentils are not only great health food, but perhaps the ultimate way to … They are filled with fiber, vitamin C & B as well as loads of protein! You can also store them in any breathable bag or container, but make sure that it isn't airtight. Learn how to sprout lentils the traditional way & using the instant pot. Dried lentils are a staple food around the world due in large part to its indefinite shelf-life, high nutrition value, and because it is relatively impervious to drought-like growing conditions. How to use sprouted lentils in the kitchen: Once you have your germinated lentils, store them in a closed container inside the refrigerator, they are kept in good condition for up to a week, all you have to do is wash them and drain them well before consuming them. Sprouting Lentils and Beans (legumes) brings LIFE into the tiny seed. How to Use Sprouted Seeds, Legumes, & Grains Usually, you can store and consume sprouts for 5 days to one week. Keep in fridge. Storing and Preserving Lentils. As sprouting continues, complex proteins are converted into simple amino acids, making them easier on digestion. Our site contains hundreds of pages of detailed sprout information and hundreds of sprouting seeds and supplies for sale. They shouldn't be too wet. Damp sprouts will also shorten its shelf life. We offer the widest and wildest selection of organic sprouting seeds and supplies on this planet. Beans, chickpeas, split peas and lentils are packed with nutrients and play a role in the prevention of chronic disease, but most can’t be eaten raw. Sprouting lentils is really as simple as soaking and then rinsing them a couple times a day for about 3 days. Dried, shelled lentils can be stored in a cool, dry place for 10 to 12 months. You can use either organic sprouted green lentils or the sprouted lentils trio (black, red, and green lentils). Which sprouts are rich in protein? Basic Directions: Soak lentils 8-12 hours in ample water.Rinse and drain thoroughly after the initial soaking period. How I Rinse and Store My Sprouts. You will want to store lentils in a sealed package or airtight container in a cool, dry, dark place. They are ready! You can use sprouted lentils in a variety of recipes like soups, salads, veggie burgers, curries, etc. Soak dried lentils in bowl of water for 24 hours (just use enough to submerge them well).You can use as many cups of lentils as you’d like. Place in glass jar or plastic jar or bag. #1 Consume sprouted lentils within a few days. Many of you hadn’t heard of sprouted lentils before and I received many questions about them. They are used in soups, stews, casseroles, and salad dishes. Don't Miss: How to Organize Your Fridge More Efficiently. Healthy Food All about sprouted lentils By: Leanne Ely A couple of weeks ago, I had many of you talking after I posted a note on my Facebook page about enjoying a salad of sprouted lentils.