All those lush locks of cute little pearl shaped leaves? Like any succulent, what I am going to tell you next is important to its survival: Do not overwater this plant. I knew that was a plant I wanted for my very own one day. Who can resist? =(The beads are shriveling and some are turning very dark green before rotting away into nothingness. Mine did the same thing. You might be surprised to learn that overwatering can also lead to leaves shriveling in string of pearls. I took them off and within 2 weeks i had new leaves growing, it was amazing. Rejuvenating My String Of Pearls Plant. Got my string of pearls this august. When left unchecked, or when overwatered regularly, it will also bring about discoloration on the leaves and eventual wilting and dying. Not all people would know this but the string of pearls could actually be propagated in water only by removing a few pearls at the bottom of the cuttings and putting in less than half-full vase. She is by far my favorite plant. Ah the String of Pearls. Q. Repotting String Of Pearls - I am worried about what will happen when I attempt to re-pot this gorgeous plant. The first solution for … String of Pearls that are happy and healthy pearls are plump and round with only a very slight point. How to Care for String of Pearls. String of Pearls Care. I stop misting the plant once they are rooted and switch to watering deeper but less often. The pot it's in is… Q. However, while there’s little maintenance involved with growing a rosary string of beads plant, you will need to provide it with some care. Please help me save this plant! My String of Pearls plant, or Senecio rowleyanus, took a bit of a nosedive. I see some clear, obviously overwatered pods (I don't know string analogy) and I don't have the greatest advice to give you, given my lack of experience with these, but I would say hold on, and if it lasts more than a week, then you should start worrying and consider repotting. I can selectively and routinely water the Coprosma, Plectranthus, and annuals. Ideally, string of pearls plants need a lightweight, well-draining, cactus and succulent soil in a pot with good drainage holes. just now. This includes supplying the plant with the right amounts of water, fertilizer and light. Overwatering. Top Questions About String Of Pearls. And there’re a few care tips As with most succulent plants, the string of beads requires little care. I bought my first beautiful String of Beads last month and am having some major problems with it. Couple of days ago I saw that some of her pearls are shriveled and brown. Let’s look at each cause in turn to help you get your string of pearls plant back to perfect health. String Of Pearls Succulent Plant - I purchased this plant about a week ago. I am worried that it is not doing well and want to save it before it gets too bad. Love at first sight... Transported her in my lap for 300 kms. I don't know if I'm over or underwatering, if it's too cold or dark or some other reason. Overwatering can be a major problem and is the number one reason for a string of pearls plant dying. I bought it from lowes, a string of pearls along with a money plant. both were DROWNING in water. If you are misting the soil and it still becomes shriveled, give your string of pearls a good amount of water, and let it run down through the roots. Who hasn’t been drawn in by it’s siren song, right? This succulent plant is drought tolerant, surviving long periods without water. A string of pearls plant needs the proper care and nutrition in order to thrive. Gardenerdy provides instructions on the right way to grow and care for the String of Pearls plant. The String Of Pearls plant had me at first sight. Grace Bonney says: Mar 13, 2015 at 2:50 pm Hi Summer . I bought a Senecio Rowleyanus "String of Pearls" plant about a month and a half ago. The string of pearls was fucked though. It is a succulent, and alike some other succulent plants, it entails little upkeep to retain it cheerful and solid. can anyone please help out a noob :) I bought this string of pearls a couple of days ago from a garden center, I'm worried maybe they overwatered it? I bought a little string of pearls about a month ago and have never had one before.