Once you have bought your tulip bulbs for forcing, place them in a cool, dark place for 12 to 16 weeks to be chilled. All tulips require a cold "resting" time in fall in order to bloom. When the water in soil freezes, it expands, and that can easily break terra cotta, ceramic, and even rigid plastic pots. Check the planting depth instructions on the package. If you planted at the wrong depth, it would probably put up a fair performance. This pot next to me is a very good example. As with in-ground plantings, you’ll want the bulbs to be buried at least 8 inches deep, so measure from the top of the container to a depth of about 9 inches, then fill the pot up to that mark with Miracle-Gro® Potting Mix.Place the bulbs pointy end up in the pot … I love bulbs in pots for the spring; there's just nothing better for real impact and it's kind of like gardening in miniature. How to Plant Bulbs in Pots. Forced tulip (Tulipa spp.) It is best to plant tulips in containers of soil-based compost, because it will provide the right nutrient mix for the roots and will help retain moisture, which is important, as compost is prone to drying out in warm weather. How to grow tulips in container pots. Set the tulip bulbs on top of the soil with their pointed ends 1 inch beneath the pot rim. Daffodils in a pot. Fill a 6-inch-diameter pot halfway with moistened potting soil. Add to Favorites . Researchers found that you can grow gorgeous tulips in only mulch, 2 inches being the optimum depth. Ignore traditional spacing guidelines, and place the tulip bulbs in a tight circular pattern. These tulips have been "forced" in nurseries, made to bloom out of season by careful manipulation of light, temperature and growing conditions. bulbs growing in pots add bright color to the home in late winter and early spring. How to plant tulip bulbs. The average temperature should be between 35 to 45 F. (2-7 C.). These are full of a non-peat base, multi-purpose potting compost with some garden soil put in it and some manure for added nutrition. Whether you are just planning to plant tulips in a pot or if you have a garden to fill, you can get the whole family involved and you'll have buckets of cut flowers come the spring. He explains what compost mix to use and how to plant two varieties of tulip bulbs: pink ‘Negrita’ and dark purple ‘Queen of Night’ for flowers in April and May.