Here we present expert tips on how to make the best cupcakes possible—from how to make them super moist to how to decorate them most adorably. To make great cupcakes, you need to first master the basics. Always serve them at room temperature. If you keep them in the hot cupcake pan, the cupcakes will continue to bake and eventually dry out. If you want a healthier alternative to the fat content of your cupcakes as well as a better texture, applesauce is the best substitute for that. This cupcake recipe is easy and simple to follow. After all, a beautifully decorated cupcake doesn’t mean anything if the cake itself is gross. Homemade cupcakes can sit out at room temperature for a day or two, but make sure to store them in an airtight container. If you want just a little frosting, you can easily cut the recipe in half to make less. If you would like to learn how to make … Get the best cupcake recipes from Food Network, from classic vanilla and chocolate to pull-apart cupcakes and ones decorated with animals and flowers. Chocolate cupcakes typically have butter, eggs and buttermilk, so we’ve swapped them out to make this recipe vegan-friendly. Whether they’re dressed up for Halloween or arranged to resemble pastel-colored balloons for a baby shower, cupcakes are the baked-goods world’s most beloved and versatile treat. You have to start with a tasty cupcake canvas! My Crazy Cupcakes recipe is so easy! These moist cupcakes with their creamy crown of frosting will surely bring a smile to your face! Even if the recipe states how high to fill the liners (e.g., 2/3 full), it’s nearly impossible to eyeball that accurately. Gluten-free baked goods can be fluffy, delicious and just as tasty as traditional bakes. But the problem with doing that is that your cupcakes might not … I like a lot of frosting on my cupcakes, so I use two full sticks of softened butter, powdered sugar, vanilla, and just a bit of heavy cream. If you need some ideas to make your celebration perfect, try this Red Velvet Cake Recipe, this Perfect Tres … A light and moist homemade vanilla cake is topped with rich whipped buttercream and colorful sprinkles for a sweet treat everyone will love. Featuring a few easy swaps, this may be the best vegan chocolate cupcake recipe—and a great addition to our roundup of vegan-friendly desserts. You can replace all butter or oil in your recipe with applesauce. Unfrosted cupcakes (and most cakes) freeze really well, too. I get asked so many questions about making perfectly moist, flavorful, and beautiful cupcakes that it was about time I wrote this How to Make Perfect Cupcakes guide for you. The best part about these little beauties is that the cake batter is extremely forgiving: You can make it up to six hours before you plan to serve the cakes. Tips for Making the Best Birthday Cupcakes How Do You Make Chocolate Cupcakes Without Dairy? One last thing when making these cupcakes is to only fill the liners just a … Best Birthday Cupcakes are the perfect dessert recipe for your special celebration!