Cut out the pattern, remove the paper backing and iron the design onto the headboard, pillows, dust ruffle or other accessories. While there are several DIY headboards out there that involve fabric, this particular one is so elegant and lovely that it had to make the list. Starting at the top center and pulling tightly as you go, staple the fabric to the wood. You can use any size foam depending on how cushy you desire the headboard to be. … Starting at the center top, begin stapling the fabric to the back, making sure that any pattern on the fabric is properly centered and straight. If you have a curved headboard, you can lay the headboard on top of your fabric and trace it with a fabric pencil and then add 4 inches for the seam allowance. DIY Fabric Covered Headboard. This DIY Upholstered Headboard tutorial gives you everything you need to make your own including printable directions, diagrams, and material list for twin, full, queen, and king size headboards! How to Make a Fabric Covered Headboard – Blissful Begonia Fabric Headboard - I want to do this with a yellow or grey/yellow fabric going to make one -- thinking of slipcover for washing -- ah, the sewing. The foam for this headboard was cut down to 39 inches by 63 inches. Designer Cassandra Ellis creates a beautiful fabric-covered padded headboard. Measure the height, width, and thickness of the headboard to determine how big you need the piece to be. Secure your corners as well. The task is simple and inexpensive if you choose discount fabric. An upholstered headboard may seem like way too challenging of a project to attempt, but this DIY headboard from Lovely Etc. Batting is sold in bags, and you will need 4 bags for 3 or 4 layers. After sewing lots and lots of dresses lately, I decided it was time to finally start getting back to work on our bedroom! Flip the headboard back so that the fabric is on the floor. You can find plywood at any hardware store. Add the thickness to both the width and height, plus an extra 3 in (7.6 cm) or so to allow it to wrap around the backside. If your fabric has any wrinkles, iron it, then center it over the headboard, using clamps to hold it in place, if necessary. If so, then staple all around every 2 inches. 7. Make a removable slip cover to cover any kind of headboard, or permanently upholster a wooden headboard to completely refurbish it. My husband and I aren’t especially handy, so we’re extra proud of the fabric-covered headboard we made for our bed. How to Make a Fabric Covered Headboard – Blissful Begonia Fabric Headboard - I want to do this with a yellow or grey/yellow fabric going to make one -- thinking of slipcover for washing -- ah, the sewing. You Will Need. We covered an old wood headboard with a slipcover made from an inexpensive canvas drop cloth. Nice instructions and tool list for creating your own headboard how to make a headboard This DIY upholstered headboard uses pegboard to make the spacing of your tufted buttons really easy and doesn't require any sewing. I particularly love how she customized the fabric cover with handwritten Bible verses. Cut the fabric the same size and shape, adding about 4” extra to wrap around the back of the headboard. To give the slipcover a shabby-chic look, we placed a piece of old handcrafted crewelwork in the center of the drop cloth. I grabbed some buttons too – it’s so easy to make your own fabric-covered buttons: I just used scrap fabric to make them all. See it here! When marking your foam, it helps to use a straight edge, like a yardstick, to ensure your line is even. Inside: Learn how to make a fabric headboard with tufting for a really high end look. Want a stylish, handmade headboard for your head to rest on when you're dozing off in bed? Slipcovered Headboard: Since my headboard was symmetrical, it was easier to make than a curved slipcover would be. Get a piece of fabric that you want to use to cover the headboard. For this fabric covered headboard you will need: plywood, foam, batting, fabric plus a staple gun. Covering a headboard in fabric is an easy way to make the bedroom look completely different. Covering your headboard with fabric gives you the opportunity to create many different and interesting looks in your bedroom. Once the entire … Regular scissors will work for cutting half inch foam. If we, a writer and a computer programmer, can do it, so can you. This past Saturday was a beautiful sunny clear day outside, perfect for going to the beach or enjoying a BBQ on our patio.