So why not try hiding your laundry room in other space? double doors on the front and we matched the hinges and cabinet hardware to the rest of the kitchen. It’s well worth it, though, if you can’t stand looking at those things. Attach the Velcro on the fitted sheet to the Velcro on the lip of the countertop and allow it to hang down to conceal the appliances. Its a nice place to put a few herb plants since it's right next to a window and still leave plenty of room for folding clothes as … Unfortunately, remodeling your cabinetry to fit your appliances can be both costly and time consuming. 3 Build a cabinet with bi-fold doors around the washer and dryer to completely conceal them. I’m thinking that those beasts (the washer & dryer, not my guests…) need to be creatively concealed. Stand a folding screen or room divider in front of a pair of laundry appliances to conceal them. Cabinet doors close to hide the machines when not in use, and open to fully expose them when needed. Here some signs of needing to replace your washer/dryer: You spot the washer leaking during washes. You suspect the dryer could catch fire (we hope not!) They are in the kitchen. Cabinets can fully hide your washer and dryer in any kitchen or laundry room so that they’re completely out of sight. I want to hide my washer and dryer. My washer and dryer hook-ups are in my already small kitchen, unfortunately, and the appliances are a bit unsightly since they’re used. Are you always feel trouble about this? Your clothes come out damp. Move the Washer and Dryer. Everyone has a list of house "problems" that they want to get around to solving someday. I’ve been saving up for a washer and dryer set, and finally got one last week! 4. Living in a larger space might allow for some other options. A front-loading washer and dryer fit neatly under lower cabinets. Locate ceiling joists using a stud finder. Placing your laundry center in the kitchen makes it simple to do a quick load of wash while preparing a meal or cleaning up. Hidden laundry. So yes, our guests walk right by the washer and dryer every time they are coming and going from their room. 3) Don’t hide, emphasize. Placing your washer and dryer in the bathroom won’t exactly hide them, but they’ll be in an inconspicuous location and conveniently out of the way. Help please … The washer doesn’t completely fill with water. Blend your laundry area with your kitchen by hiding it behind a set of doors. Our one extravagance was the countertop, around $350.00. You don't necessarily have to close off the entire nook to hide a washer... Screen It. She cleaned up the space by painted the bifold doors a glossy black. You should leave at least 1 inch of space between the appliances and the cabinets or walls and at least 4 inches of space between the back of the washer and dryer and the rear wall. 4 ways to hide the washer and dryer in kitchen wikihow 31 creative ways to hide a washing machine in your home how to hide washer dryer in cute al kitchen hidden laundry es how to optimize stacked washers and dryers for a perfect combo 4 ways to hide the washer and dryer in kitchen wikihow.