In the vernacular of today, this process is called integration. Hide … How to Hide. Is there a roll up shade made of fabric or another light-weight material I could put up? The space above a refrigerator is often overlooked and underused. Some people simply want to hide a mini fridge so that it is not in plain sight and out of place, for example in a living room or bedroom. College students may want to hide the mini fridge in their dorm room or you may want to hide a mini fridge in your office so that your co-workers don’t steal your lunch or drinks. Check our … The kitchen is the heart of the home and it's a rare heart that goes through life without picking up a few dings and dents along the way. We show you how easy it is to make a custom fridge cabinet even if you have a tiny kitchen. A DIY refrigerator cabinet makes a kitchen look more custom. Yes you could, the "wall doctor" paper is meant to hide imperfections on walls so it would hide whatever you have on your fridge. To cover a fridge door and sides in fabric, you'll need to make it stick—but not so stuck that it won't come off. This can involve either clever hiding and storage solutions or creatively re-purposed surfaces – like the blackboard refrigerator. They are the elephant in the living room. You can also use this technique to hide the washing machine or the stove. They also are not always allowed. I wanted one in my café room - and was not buying a new one since I have this one in storage .. soo Other hide-and-seek appliances? However, typical refrigerators, even those of modest capacity, are at least 30 in. The mystery is how to slip a fridge into an otherwise fabulous kitchen, without compromising on the space’s good looks. Many simply hide or disguise modern appliances. Fortunately, a dented refrigerator door is far easier to patch up than a bruised heart. This will work if your fringe is long enough: first , wash your hair again and, using a hairdryer and a round brush, try to shape it to counteract the over-growth. Synopsis: This short article explains how to build an enclosure for a standard refrigerator that matches the rest of a kitchen’s cabinetry and helps hide most of the refrigerator’s metal surfaces. College dormitories may place restrictions on them, as might some office buildings and rental rooms. Magnetic chalk board on the side of your fridge using chalkboard paint. There are ways to disguise a freezer that will fit any budget. ... Not only does it hide the fridge, as much as it can be hidden, but I have tons of storage space that I can actually reach. The sheet metal on both of them is prone to denting when pushed on … Or, for the price of one of those beauties, you could have a nicely crafted custom cabinet to hide a normal, freestanding refrigerator. refrigerator. Refrigerators are just a problem. Old door with chalkboard to hide side of refrigerator … What A Great Idea! I had a small fridge that had seen prettier days; it has paint and stain on it and the worst was hidden by fridge magnets. The cabinet will also blend with your kitchen, which the fridge most likely won't. Old door with chalkboard to hide side of refrigerator . Others are just for removing eyesores such as a perfect place to hide tv wires or, better, yet, converting them into something beautiful or amusing. I looked at a selection of real homes to see how people were using this space. The … Fortunately, a dented refrigerator door is far easier to patch up than a bruised heart. To hide a growing out fringe, first try to reshape it. See which one of these nifty ideas could work well to hide the fridge in your kitchen. Im TOTALLY for this.Im not sure Chris would go for it, though. Cooktops concealed by cutting boards when not in use, paneled warming and refrigerator drawers, and microwaves that slide out behind pocket doors. Other hide-and-seek appliances? Boris Johnson retreated into a fridge as he sought to avoid a TV interview, amid rattled nerves at CCHQ over a narrowing in the opinion polls.. designing-our-dream-home Chalkboard Paint Side of Fridge: For Grocery List.