For example, you can try the opportunities offered by non-government organizations, charities and non-profitable organizations. Get a FREE Washer and Dryer on or . I decided to do a little research and I noticed I could get close to $500 for the four used appliances we were going to get rid of for free!!! 9 Unique Ways to Sell Used Appliances Near You (For Cash) Here are the top 9 places to start selling your used appliances. Who Picks Up Appliances for FREE? People in your state and local communities are giving away tons of unwanted washers and dryers, and other appliances because they are not being used and taking up space in their homes or offices. You can also contact churches in your area for help with food or clothing. Some will pick up any appliances that you leave at the curb, although they may charge you an extra fee on your monthly bill. Make sure to research the make and model of everything you’re considering so you don’t end up paying money for a lemon. Best places to hunt for used appliances: Craigslist: Still the “go-to” site for most bargain hunters, but due to its popularity there is a lot of scams (like this one) and junk to wade through to find the good listings, but there are deals to be had here. Selling old appliances may sound like a hassle, but Craiglist... 3) Recycle them. Find a Free Appliance Pick Up company in your area CLICK>> Free Appliance Removal Companies Fast Free Appliance Removal is building a network of used appliance store owners throughout the U.S. to help recycle older and unwanted refrigerators, stoves, freezers, washers and clothes dryers in their local area. Buying new kitchen appliances is exciting. Shop Pre-Owned. Craigslist and your local used appliance store are great places to search for a pre-owned version of your desired appliance. Locals who collect scrap metal may be willing to pick up your old appliance for free, but if you really need it gone, you could always offer to cover the cost of gas. “Because large appliances contain recyclable materials such as metal, plastic, and glass, you may be able to sell them to a scrap metal company in your area,” Lepice says. Other than that, you can try Freecycle organizations that offer free used appliances for low-income families. Find great deals on Appliances in your area on OfferUp. Meet in a public places with a power outlet you can use, for your safety. He asked me for help and I told him he might be eligible for free appliances … If not, move up the price range. The letgo app is a free app to “let go” of items you no longer need. 2) Sell them. So basically, this post saved me $500. Responsible Appliance Disposal. Once you find a possible buyer, negotiate price and pickup.