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If you are searching for lightweight open source … The Best Free WiFi Captive Portal Login Page The captive portal login one the most secure and popular way to authenticate WiFi user. This is done by intercepting all packets, regardless of address or port, until the user opens a browser and tries to access the Internet.” Though the details differ, you'll always start by making sure your firmware is up to date and accessing the Web-based setup … So we have the wireless network for our guest and limited the bandwidth they can use. Ubiquity UniFi's are a good bet for a cafe. In the Authentication Settings section of the screen, select the Captive Portal check box. Go to the Users tab and create a new hotspot user. Clicking the splash image in the middle will allow you to browse the internet, but until then the captive portal will be continually shown. Its Linux based captive portal solution with Wifi controller with the web-based login page. Private wireless networks should be encrypted with WPA2-Personal security, at least, to keep others from connecting and eavesdropping on your network traffic. Let’s begin. On the first attempt to connect to a web site, the captive portal presents a web page that requests the user’s logon credentials which must match credentials in the user group. Manage the bandwidth, duration, and even the number of users in your WiFi network. Select the access point that you want to configure. Here, a user – located, for example, in a hotel, conference center, or co-working space – gains WiFi access via a browser-based login to a Captive Portal on a WiFi network managed by a WiFi Network Controller on the local network. Make sure that you have a good quality of internet connection by preventing illegal users from joining the WiFi network. I have covered many security posts already to protect your internet and networks. It's easy to create a simple WiFi hotspot in your home, but not so easy creating one which has a login page to allow internet access. In this tutorial, I will explain how to create an open WiFi network. Sometimes you are faced with a captive portal: one of those annoying pop-ups that asks you to sign in or accept the Terms & Conditions before you can connect. Setting Up a Captive Portal. This article will tell you how you can create a captive portal for yourself but before that lets first go through a small introduction The captive portal feature is a software implementation that… The traffic from the wireless client is transported from the AP via the CAPWAP tunnel to the appliances and out on interface esa1 port with VLAN ID/tag. Enable Guest access (Captive Portal). In this article, I’ll show you how to automatically login to the captive portal on iOS.