Day 2 - Build a Casual Desk with 2x4s Welcome to day 2! To make an extra-long desk, add a third sawhorse, as shown above from a tour of Le Petite Studio’s office on The Everygirl. And I made it of readily available materials using basic shop tools and techniques. I have put a lot of time into making sure the desk will be really sturdy. Learn how to build a desk for $20 with this collection of DIY desk plans and ideas. Free DIY instructions for building other office equipment such as a message center or bulletin board lend a personal touch to a busy office. Both standard and more unique ideas for DIY desks. It features a lot of workspace, a lap drawer, and several other drawers for office supplies and files. By Neal Barrett. You can make those from metal plates. But how do you select or build the right one for you? There are simple wall mounted desks or elegant rolltop Mission designs. Choose a tabletop, complementary legs or table bucks and other additional elements such as attachments or drawer elements. This step by step woodworking project is about farmhouse office desk plans. I make this several years ago out of an armoire I bought in a thrift store. I wanted to build a chunky desk with a rustic look, so this is my take on it. You can use it for your office and place a PC on it, of even for your crafts room. Some of these ideas are labelled as craft tables but you can of course use them for other purposes as long as it suits your needs. You can use it for your office and place a PC on it, of even for your crafts room. To make a corner desk similar to the one in the pictures you will need an old desk and two file cabinets. Office center with the swing-out work center tucked away. Although having a customized desk built to fit your specific space can be expensive, the good news is that there are many DIY options out there for a DIY computer desk. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page. Building home office desks may be a less expensive alternative to purchasing a desk from an office supply or furniture store. Now if you think that building a large home office desk means big work too, well, think again. I wanted mine to be able to slide a rolling office chair underneath it easily so I could have a comfortable space to work. And I made it of readily available materials using … The good news is that I was able to design and build the exact desk I envisioned all those long days at my old spine-twister for about $150 bucks—cheaper than many low-end units you can buy at the office supply store. You can easily make a desktop that is too short a bit taller by lowering the seat height of an adjustable office chair.