Many herb seeds are tiny, so use a seed starting potting mix that is lighter than regular potting soil. Growing Herbs Indoors from Seeds. Starting from seed saves money and can fill in the spots that seem a bit bare while other perennials fill in. Others that are easy to grow from seed include: Sow the herb seeds 1-3 times deeper than the size of the seed. In a growing tray create shallow rows and sow according to the seed pack. Some herbs are so simple to grow, they should be started from seed. Bring your garden inside with 10 of the easiest herbs to grow indoors. They’re the dynamos of the garden. Seed starting mix is made for starting herbs from seed indoors. Herbs are a fabulous reminder that it doesn’t take much to make a big – and wonderful – difference in everyday living. On our farm, we plan for at least a 3 to 5 percent loss of seedlings since we cull the less than perfect plants pretty ruthlessly. Herbs make the difference in a meal and there is little to beat fresh herbs picked from the garden. This will ensure short, stocky plants that are better adapted to outdoor growing. But, growing seeds indoors and keeping them alive can be challenging. Mainly, people start seeds indoors in order to get a jump on the gardening season. You can save a lot of money by starting seeds indoors, especially if they live and turn into robust plants. This perennial herb takes a lot of time to get established when grown from seeds, so it is better to take a tip cutting and propagate it. Dill: This delicate herb, with frond-like leaves has a wonderful flavor that can be used to flavor dressings, meats and more. Fill individual pots, a garden growing tray, a flat of six-packs, or cells with moistened seed-starting mix. Growing Sage From Seed Growing sage in pots from seeds and cuttings, in pots and in the ground at home is easy, indoors and outdoors, just follow these steps. About 3 weeks into this herb growing experiment, I’m starting to think that it wasn’t the best idea–at least this far North and in the Fall. Even if you don’t have outdoor gardening space, there are plenty of herbs that you can grow indoors successfully on a sunny windowsill. Growing herbs from seeds give you numerous plants for little investment. Best Herbs To Grow Indoors. There are different types of soil used for different purposes, and it’s important to know the difference, especially when you are starting herbs from seed. Make your own pesto. Most popular herbs can be raised from seed sown indoors And some of them even can repel mosquitos. Other herbs may not need to be started indoors but will flower or be ready to be harvested much sooner if they are, like basil. Grow lemon balm plants for a single year for best flavor. As a beginner, if your goal is to keep things simple, then starting with plants is the best way to get your indoor herb garden going.