You can plant this drought-tolerant, low-maintenance ground cover at the edge of a rock garden or other space and more or less forget about it (except for occasional watering) during the summertime. 6. It is truly a low-growing ground cover plant that only reaches a height of 1 - 2 inches. Ideal for low maintenance landscaping, these plants thrive in Zones 7 to 10, whether in partial or full shade, and require little to no mowing, fertilizing, or watering. They may be planted on steep dry slopes in full sun or deep shade. ... Ophiopogon japonicas is a low maintenance plant, suitable for a range of soils. The most popular plants in Japanese private gardens. Use as a groundcover or feature plant in rockeries and hanging baskets, where it will spread to 1m across but only 10cm high. Medium water needs Ornamental Strawberry Good Ground cover, sun and shade, stays low, semi-low durability, OK around plants. Some will want to wander out into the lawn, across the walk or into other areas where you don't want them. I also have a full sun area that I want a ground cover for that is non-invasive, low, perennial with some added color as it is in front of the house. This ground cover plant will spread and flourish in your flower bed or work perfectly between stepping stones or in a rock garden. This is another perennial ground cover plant that’s low-maintenance. Ground cover plants offer a low-maintenance alternative to the carpets of lawn to which we have become accustomed. Ones that spread well can be a good low cost planting alternative, as you need less per square metre. The Fastest-Growing Low-Maintenance Ground Cover Written by Carolyn Williams; Updated August 30, 2019 Choose ground cover that frees you from maintenance duties. Low maintenance… They are often low-maintenance and usually evergreen. Plant one or several for a beautiful yard. Jul 20, 2018 - Explore gardensstewart's board "Ground Cover Plants" on Pinterest. Lawn & Garden; The Best Low-Maintenance Ground Covers for Your Garden Whether you do it yourself or you pay a landscaper, maintaining a vibrant garden and lush lawn requires time, effort, and money.