If you’re growing your lucky bamboo in water, make sure there’s always enough water in the container to cover the roots. If you see small cotton balls on your plant, you probably have a mealy bug problem. Lucky Bamboo has been a part of Chinese culture for thousands of years but has really got popularity in the past 10- 15 years and is now commonly found globally . Now, since ages, the bamboo plant (aka Lucky Bamboo Plant) is used as a powerful tool to attract abundance, prosperity & better health (more about this & how to do it is discussed later in the article). Use bottled, distilled, or otherwise dechlorinated water to water the bamboo . I keep the spiral arrangement in the guest room. Around 1 to 1 1/2 inches of water is standard. Lucky bamboos are water plants, meaning they have no need of potting soil. - 60 Stalks of Straight Lucky Bamboo (20x4", 20x6" and 20x8"), These lucky bamboo were imported from China with Phyto Certificate, they are a little thinner.., By KL Design & Import Add To Cart There is a problem adding to cart. By Hunker Team. Usually, you will find lucky bamboo stems woven or bunched together before being placed in a container. They do not like … ... growth is faster in the case of lucky bamboo. › See more product details Amino Acids: 40% Humic Acid: 30% Vitamins: 20% Herbal Extracts: 10% One of the most popular of feng shui cure is the use of lucky bamboo —container arrangements of several stalks of either of two houseplant species, Dracaena sanderiana or Dracaena braunii. Lucky Bamboo is known for bringing luck & good feng shui. - It is made with all essential nutrients ensuring healthy leaves and stems. If you’re growing your lucky bamboo in soil, water it whenever the soil starts to … Being organic Good Luck spray doesn't have any side effects to the plant. According to Orchid Asia, lucky bamboo can grow at a rate of approximately 18 inches in 6 months. Water Requirements for Lucky Bamboo In water : Water level should be at least a couple of inches. Tie a red bow around the glass vase to represent fire. Healthy lucky bamboo roots are red, so don't be alarmed in a glass vase if you can see red roots. Lucky Bamboo is a good plant for people who love plants but believe they do not have a green thumb. Repeat once a … The strong, sturdy length and texture of the bamboo is symbolic of good health and a strong body. How to Use - Good luck Bamboo growth spray is specially formulated and ready to use. Spray your plant with an insecticide designed to kill mealy bugs or spider mites if you find signs of these two common pests of lucky bamboo. In what type of container should I plant lucky bamboo? All dracaenas are prone to tipping so if yours is starting to show a lot of brown tips or a build of white in the vase or dish, don’t use tap water.