here the gametophyte is reduced and sporophyte is dominant.

liverworts gametophyte structure mosses bryophytes bryophyta plants female part archegonia sporophytes antheridia generation lack genera liverwort labeled diagram morphology attachedQuestion: Which Of The Following Plants Have A Gametophyte That Is Nutritionally Dependent On The Sporophyte?

The sporophyte of moss (Its capsule etc that produces spores.) In few advanced forms gametophyte is differentiated into stem, leaves and rhizoids. Through the process of meiosis and fertilization, the alternation of generation segregates these two phases into the sporophyte and gametophyte. Zygote (still in the archegonium) gets nutrition from the gametophyte. is entirely dependent on the moss gametophyte. Sporophyte growing from zygote is nutritionally dependent (heterotrophic) on gametophyte (when young!) The sporophyte is usually nutritionally dependent on the gametophyte. In bryophytes the sporophyte is short-lived and permanently attached to the female parent, upon which it is nutritionally dependent. b. In bryophytes, the sporophyte is minute and dependent on the relatively prominent and nutritionally independent gametophyte for resources. 7. The fern sporophyte, the leafy frond, is independent and the dominant generation. The life cycle of a plant involves the alternation of two generations: gametophyte and sporophyte. Bryophytes (mosses, liverworts and hornworts) have a dominant gametophyte phase on which the adult sporophyte is dependent for nutrition. In which of the following taxa does the mature sporophyte depend completely on the gametophyte for nutrition? Learn about these generations in this BiologyWise article. a. In lower plants the female gametophyte is … The sporophyte is parasitic (dependent!) The gametophyte generation in these organisms consists of the green, leafy or moss-like vegetation located at the base of the plant. In all other plants, the sporophyte becomes independent of the female parent soon after embryological development is completed and remains as the dominant, photosynthetic stage of the plant. To clearly understand the plant’s life cycle, sporophyte is the phase when plants produce diploid (2n) spores, which in turn [spores] develop into gametophytes. Is the sporophyte dependent on the gametophyte at any time during the life cycle? b. It is dependent on the sporophyte (what we call plant) for nutrition. Trends in plant evolution:  The sporophyte became less dependent on the gametophyte; the gametophyte became smaller. Bryophytes are autophytes and lead autotrophic mode of nutrition. Is the gametophyte dependent on the sporophyte at any time during the life cycle? Diploid sporophyte is physically and nutritionally dependent on the gametophyte. Comparative Structure and Reproduction of Bryophytes; p. 350; easy; ans: e. In bryophytes, fertilization takes places in the: a. open water. However, what is the difference between these phases and what are their distinguishing factors? Bryophytes are gametophyte dominant plants, meaning that the more prominent, longer-lived plant is the haploid gametophyte or simply Haploid plant. The embryo sporophyte develops by cell division of the zygote within the female sex organ or archegonium, and in its early development is therefore nurtured by the gametophyte. Answer Choices: A) Gymnosperms And Angiosperms B) Bryophytes And Angiosperms C) Monilophytes And Gymnosperms D) Lycophytes And Bryophytes E) Lycophytes And Monilophytes e. The gametophyte is usually larger than the sporophyte.  In the seed plants, the gametophyte develops partly or entirely while attached to and nutritionally dependent on the sporophyte. The moss sporophyte, a stock and capsule, is dependent on the gametophyte, which is the dominant generation. a) diploid and nutritionally dependent on the gametophyte b) diploid and able to live independently, since it is photosynthetic c) haploid and nutritionally dependent on the gametophyte d) haploid and … Explain your answer. In primitive bryophytes the gametophyte is dorsoventral, dichotomously branched green prostrate structure. A moss sporophyte can be recognized because it is. The moss gametophyte looks like a miniature herb, with tiny leaf-like photosynthetic organs. See moss sporophyte on the link below.