First the tips of the leaves were turning brown. I did it and the plant is looking great with no bad effects. Water when soil dries at least one half to three fourths of its depth, depending on the lighting. There is a trick to removing corn plant leaves. It's good for you too, because it naturally cleans the air. Plant Symptoms: – Brown, dry spots on some of the leaves – Leaf tips turning brown Need help with your indoor plants? How it looks: This plant grows with one or more canes (stems) and then produces new stems and a crown of leaves near the top of the cane. Corn plant is a common name for some Dracaena house plants. To remove brown tips from the leaves of houseplants, use a pair of sharp, clean scissors to snip the tip of the leaf off. If you’re seeing brown spots on your Dracaena, don’t worry Plant Mom is here to help! Why is this happening and how can I prevent it? Yellow leaves may be caused by acclimation, underwatering, or age. The reasons range from cultural to situational and into pest or disease issues. Try to replicate the shape of the tip when you cut it so it looks natural. I got this Dracaena corn plant from home depot about 3 weeks ago and a week after I got it home it started looking very unhealthy. Corn plant bears a thick woody trunk topped by clusters of strappy dark green leaves highlighted by a lime-green stripe down the center. Dracaena massangeana, also called a dracaena corn plant, how to grow care guide. Other Things That Trigger a Plant's Leaves to Turn Brown. Provide bright, indirect lighting for Corn Plant. Corn Plant or Dracaena Massangeana) by thoughthole 89. Corn plant care is easy, making it an ideal house plant. Brown spots on Dracaenas can be caused by several different factors. Light – Too much light can cause dry burnt patches on the leaves. Now a bunch of leaves died completely and I had to cut them off. Learn tips on lighting, water, fertilizer, propagation, pests, and diseases. Corn plants grow best in indirect but bright light. This plant grows well in a variety of indoor lighting levels and thrives with the right care, including regular watering and fertilizing along with potential pest management. A healthy corn plant should, during its life, maintain bright green foliage. Yellow leaves may be caused by acclimation, underwatering, or age. I’ve outlined some potential causes and solutions to help get your plant baby back in shape! Corn is one of the most popular vegetables to grow and eat—all the more delicious when freshly harvested—and it's surprisingly easy to grow your own. I haven't been watering it very much because I was worried the soil wasn't draining enough. What's great about growing a corn plant as well as how attractive they look is they're fairly easy to care for and maintain - like many other dracaena plants. The leaves are very accommodating to being trimmed back, so either cut off the brown parts of the leaves or cut the brown leaves off altogether to restore the look of healthy foliage. Preventing Brown Leaf Tips. Most of those in the Dracaena genus including the Corn Plant do best in light shade or gentle filtered sunlight. Corn plant, also sometimes called mass cane, is exceptionally easy to grow, making it one of the best houseplants for beginners. I had some very bad brown spots on the tips my corn plant's leaves and read that I should use clean scissors to cut off the brown spots just at the edge of the spots without harming the good part of the leaf. Corn Plant Care Guide Light. See a picture and read answers to plant plant care … Do you love your plants just a little too much? Direct sunlight can burn the foliage and result in browning.