My food blogging pals certainly came up trumps when I put the call out on FaceBook for dinner party dessert ideas. Save Collection These dinner party dessert recipes are perfect for entertaining a room full of guests. We’ve got you covered with this awesome collection of over 20 dinner party dessert recipes from top UK food bloggers. The 15-Second Dinner Party Dessert Plate. There are so many to choose from, including free-from desserts, chocolate creations, cheesecakes and so much more! Recipe: Chocolate-Bourbon Cake Mango Napoleons with Caramel and Cream. Thinkstock. Make-ahead dessert recipes. Rich and fudgy, with an intense chocolate flavor, this cake gets its incredibly moist texture from frequent basting with coffee-bourbon syrup during baking. When you’re the host, you want to wow your guests at every course, but especially during dessert. Taste of Home. The good news is that impressive doesn’t have to mean impossible. Whether you’re cooking a family meal, hosting a small party for friends, or creating a romantic dinner for two, choosing to end the evening with a crowd-pleasing chocolate dessert is always a good idea. Thirty of our most dazzling dessert creations, including triple-chocolate cheesecake, baked Alaska, raspberry trifle, tiramisu ice cream cake, pistachio charlotte, and more. Chocolate Ice Cream. Try our tropical pina colada tarts, a super-speedy 20 minute tiramisu or our gooey chocolate and pear puddings We've chosen our top 31 individual desserts to meet your dinner party needs. Five-Ingredient Chocolate Cakes Recipe Believe it: This gorgeous dessert uses only five ingredients--sugar, butter, eggs, cake flour, and cocoa. Whether you're hosting a party or bringing a dish to pass, these desserts for a crowd are guaranteed to please. 14 Favorite Chocolate Desserts to Turn Your Dinner Party Decadent. 14 Favorite Chocolate Desserts to Turn Your Dinner Party Decadent (Slideshow) Now’s your chance to try). You can make these dessert recipes in advance, then add the finishing touches to serve them on the day – perfect to take some stress out of throwing a dinner party. Fall Desserts for Dinner Parties Hosting a dinner party is easy with these fall treats that feature seasonal ingredients and decadent chocolate. Whether you’re cooking a family meal, hosting a small party for ... Chocolate-Chocolate Cookies. 14 / 65. The chocolate sauce that tops the individual cakes is luscious, thick, and glossy, with full-on chocolate flavor. When your sweet tooth screams for chocolate, we’ll help you answer the call. After all, there is never such a thing as too much chocolate. Open Navigation Menu. Skip to main content. A quick and easy dessert option for your next dinner party: A couple bars of chocolate. I first made this irresistible dessert for some dinner guests. Cognac-flavored crepes are filled with an easy-to-make chocolate filling and served with a warm chocolate sauce for an extraordinary dinner party dessert. Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries. ... or just when you want to treat yourself to the ultimate chocolate dessert. 14 Favorite Chocolate Desserts to Turn Your Dinner Party Decadent. Make entertaining easy by giving each guest their very own personal mini pud, taking away the stress of serving. Get Recipe. A grown-up dessert with a delightfully boozy kick, serve slender slices with a dollop of homemade whipped cream. From Chocolate Buttermilk Pound Cake to Chocolate Silk Pie, these desserts are creamy, rich, decadent, and can be enjoyed year-round. —Judy Olson, Whitecourt, Alberta. Make everything ahead of time and assemble a few hours before serving. We’re pretty sure the phrase “save the best for last” became popular because we eat dessert at the end of the meal. We’ve got all the classics plus a few creative spins (have you ever added vegetables to your chocolate cake? Chocolate Dessert Recipes Decadent cakes, cookies, fudge, and cheesecakes.