Breakfast Pizza Recipes Homemade breakfast pizzas make an easy morning meal. Pizza for breakfast? Use a silpat or parchment paper sprayed with oil to prevent them from sticking to the baking sheet. Looking for a sweeter breakfast pizza? Well, not really. . It had been a long time since I’ve made a breakfast pizza and I had plenty of eggs, so I thought I’d go that route. I added a couple of tablespoons chopped onions, garlic powder, dried basil, Mrs. It’s simple, quick, and is easily customized based off of your favorite ingredients. Jump to Recipe. Breakfast pizza is just like it sounds . This Breakfast Pizza Recipe gives an entirely new meaning to having pizza for breakfast. But, because breakfast pizza is a thing and because it would be perfect for a brunch, we thought we’d create a recipe for it.Our local farmers market has a vendor who sells breakfast pizzas: this one is similar to the one I’m always jealous of seeing people with! You may recognize this dough recipe from my bagel post, I modified this to use less baking powder. it’s pizza topped with all your favorite breakfast items: scrambled eggs, breakfast, onions, peppers, and of course, cheese! Sometimes I want something quick and light for breakfast, and other times I want something warm, savory, and filling. These breakfast pizza recipes are topped with all your breakfast food favorites -- eggs, veggies, cheese, and breakfast meats. Duh!I made breakfast using this recipe as a base recipe. There are so many variations of breakfast pizza ideas (I’ll list them below), but I think THIS is the best combination. The result was this insanely delicious Eggs Florentine Breakfast Pizza. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so make it delicious with our top picks for breakfast pizza recipes. You bet! Who doesn't love pizza, and for breakfast!!! With toppings like bacon, eggs, sausage, or even fruit, there's sure to be a favorite for even the pickiest of eaters. Luckily, last week I hit a really good sale on shredded cheese and stashed a bunch in my freezer, so I had the cheese portion of the pizza on lock down. We've got breakfast pizzas topped with berries and cream, too. We talk about pizza a lot around here. This Bacon Breakfast Pizza is a cheesy breakfast recipe topped with eggs, bacon and your favorite breakfast ingredients! Do we eat it for breakfast? ; Greek yogurt instead of plain is a MUST or your dough will be too sticky, if there’s any liquid in the yogurt be sure to drain it. Dash, 1/2 of a chopped roma tomato, but had to use shredded cheddar cheese. . This pizza combines bacon, eggs and a gravy base for a delicious handmade pizza experience in the morning or any other time of day. Tips for making breakfast pizza.