There are many types of items that you aren’t allowed to sell on eBay, including weapons, live animals, fireworks, drugs, and any type of alcohol other than wine. I decided to go through my spreadsheet and pull all of the sales where I made at least $50 profit. Bicycles. Whether it’s on eBay or at a garage sale, older tech pieces are highly sought after. Online selling has been a great side hustle (or even a main means of earning a living) in recent years, and the 10 coolest things to buy on Alibaba and sell on eBay might help you make a profit … When I asked Griff for any secrets on the best items to sell on eBay, he told me, “think local.” Instead of thinking only about how to sell YOUR stuff on eBay (like your old stereo, computer, designer jeans), think about how to make a micro business selling OTHER stuff on eBay, that you obtain locally, such as…. Whoooo hoooo…. Before we dive into the best items to sell on eBay, let’s talk about what you need to turn your home into a money-making machine equipped to sell on eBay. They find things at flea markets and sell them on eBay for a nice profit. Here are 29 things you can sell to make money today: Childhood toys – Your inability to let go of your old favourites could finally pay off. I’ve been on ebay since 1998 and a selling coach for a local non-profit, The first thing I tell potential sellers is “Know what you sell and sell what you know”. 4. I love selling items priced above $100, these items usually have enough margins to sustain a business. I’m constantly seeing people ask what to sell on eBay, so I thought it would be fun and maybe informative to share my top selling items on eBay over the past year. Usually eBay brings in 90% of our our yearly income. One way to find out what your target customers want is to know what they usually search for online. Best Items to Resell for Profit. Books. Your smartphone is your best tool when thrifting for a profit. If you lookup on the internet, you will find many articles and blog posts on best things to sell on eBay to make money or easiest items to flip on the internet. Older Technology. Understanding keywords and organic traffic is an important factor when looking for the best things to buy and sell for profit. You want to find the most profitable products to sell on eBay, but that requires a thorough understanding of what makes an item sold in the first place. This depends on quite a few factors. Finding out what products maximize profit requires extensive research, as online markets change frequently. 2. While you don’t need much stuff to start selling on eBay, having these items around will help keep your profits high and save you time.