These cards are referred to as the sideboard. Find out the BEST sideboard cards to beat the big-mana menace right here! In this way Modern can sometimes be a little different. Card choices, sideboarding guide, and tips for playing around hate cards. Rather than take all this information as face value, it is always best to adjust your main deck and sideboard according to your playstyle and metagame. Cards like Knight of Autumn have a huge range of versatility and can be used against artifact decks, Burn, Humans, Spirits, or Hollow One. It comes in Eldrazi, mono-green, and mono-blue variants, and arguably, the mono-green version is the most common and powerful in the Tron family. Deck Help forum Posted on Aug. 25, 2013, 6:30 a.m. by P h o e n i x-2 0 6 3. The Sideboard. Some of the best anti-Affinity card appear in a variety of colors, too. Having trouble with Tron decks, or in need of some advice on how to play against them? There are many times in Modern where drawing and playing a single sideboard card in many cases is enough to win the game on its own. Updated Jun 24, 2018 by Femme_Fatale using our MTG Deck Builder. A complete guide to the Modern Dredge deck for Magic: The Gathering! That was easy. We hope this round up gave you a bit of insight in regards to how the players assessed the sideboard cards and when it deemed appropriate to board in. Gaddock Teeg is one of the most powerful creatures in Modern. This helps determine what cards are weak in certain scenarios, the roles you and your opponent are playing and what specific cards are the most problematic. Good Modern Sideboard Cards: List. Updated Oct 31, 2019 by iSquee using our MTG Deck Builder. RELATED: MTG: 10 Best Sideboard Cards Against Modern Affinity, Ranked. ... not you’re the aggressor. A sideboard is a collection of 15 cards that a player may bring to a game (often tournament) of Magic: The Gathering. A few post-match questions to ask yourself. This deck has a lot of game against the best decks in the format and Mission Briefing gives it the consistency it needed to find its important cards for any matchup. This here is a list of the most effective modern sideboard staples. It is similar to a hate card like Blood Moon or Chalice of the Void, you need to construct your deck in a way that can effectively use it.Many green-white decks also play Collected Company, and unfortunately you can't … Tron has been a common sight in Modern for years, and it shows no sign of slowing down. But this deck is not unbeatable. After many hours spent watching every Standard match from this past weekend, I have compiled what I believe to be a complete record of the top Standard sideboard cards … So how come more decks don't play Gaddock Teeg?The answer is that it hurts the opponent, but it can also hurt you. Sideboarding for Your Opponent’s Sideboard Cards However, Dredge’s powerful synergies and fast clock make it a contender for the title of Best Deck in Modern. The Best Magic: The Gathering Sideboard Cards In Standard Right Now, by Joseph Dunlap. Eidolon of Rhetoric / Rule of Law A list of sideboard options for you to choose from in the Pioneer format. White has a solution for every procedure, and as a result of this is an enticing shade to incorporate at whatever point thinking about another deck to play. The more versatile a sideboard card is, the more match-ups you can side it in for. Staples! This video is … Well, this one was a doozy. White is frequently referred to as the best sideboard shade for the Modern, and all things considered as well. Plus, when people complain about Modern decks having maindeck Surgical … Some cards can provide a whole toolbox of value in a single sideboard slot. I'd like to start a thread dedicated to listed good sideboard cards within the modern format as sideboarding isn't easy and can influence main board choices and of course it's influenced by local meta. Often times in Magic, when you construct a deck, you look at the deck first and then choose your sideboard cards to shore up any weaknesses your deck might have. In conventional games, each player is allowed to bring 15 cards (in addition to his main deck) to the game. You can accomplish this in a few ways, but the best is actually just playing out post-sideboard games where you sideboard nothing. RELATED: The 10 Most Powerful Land Cards in Magic: The Gathering, Ranked. But this powerhouse Modern deck relies heavily on artifacts and activated abilities, so many decks are packing some land hate and artifact hate in their sideboards to help keep Affinity honest.