We’ve compiled a list of the best hikes in the world, including the distances and best times of the year. Located in the stunning coast mountains of British Columbia, Whistler offers over 120 miles of trails with many accessible by the chair lifts used during the ski season. The scenery is stunning, and the riding is fast and largely directional (it’s rare to see anyone heading up). If you've learned something from him, you can support his mission to create the best bike travel content HERE. An easy 16-mile loop runs beside the beach on a mostly paved, flat path. No matter your skill level, the tour provider will trail you with a vehicle for "support." The best rail trails all over the US for long rides with the whole family. These Are the Best Bike Trips in the World. 1. The Karakoram Highway, China-Pakistan. Mount Kilimanjaro had to make an appearance on the best hiking trails in the world list. From mountain biking through national parks and mountain ranges, to gentle cycles around magical lakes and past the seven wonders, there are so many beautiful bike trails around the world that it can be impossible to decide which one to try out next. Here’s the full list, and you can jump to each one by clicking on the trail title: The Old Ghost Road, New Zealand. Lupra Pass, Nepal. Kingdom Trails in Vermont is a unique bike trail system built on private land. These Are the Best Bike Trips in the World. Alee is a bike and travel addict who has cycled through 80+ countries and doesn't really have any plans of stopping. Considered one of the 25 best bike trails in the country, Louisiana's Lincoln Parish Park Trail has available routes for all levels of technical skill. 6 Things You Didn’t Know About Fat Biking. You’ll still climb 1,500 vertical feet, and if you’ve ridden technical trails before, you know that bike handling still burns a lot of energy. Without further ado, here's my list of the best roads in the world to ride a bike! America has some of the best bike trails in the world. This trail can be somewhat challenging, but during the spring, summer, and early fall months, it's a wonderful way to experience North Carolina.