#FarmersTrend #Trending Pepino melon farming pelpino farming in kenya,pepino melon,pepino melon in kenya,pepino seedlings in kenya The Pepino melon has taken the Kenyan market by storm in very short duration of time and is steadily gaining a lot of recognition and demand. List of various diseases cured by Pepino Melon. Numerous varieties of melons are available which are basically fleshy fruits belonging to the Cucurbitaceae family which also includes squash, cucumber, pumpkin, gourd etc. This unique fruit came across to California, as well as to New Zealand, and hopefully will hit the supermarkets of America fairly soon, though with its … Melon has more to offer than a cool summer snack! It contains the Vitamin B complex, which is a great anti-stress tool. It guarantees recuperation and rest. Nutrition tip: As an added bonus, Pepino melons are a good option for getting our daily servings of fruit. One of pepino fruit health benefits is that it assists in managing diabetes. It belongs to the nightshade or Solanaceae, the same family as tomatoes, eggplants and capsicums. Because of their body is developing itself very fast, children have lots of profits they can make from this fruit. Benefits of pepino melon. Pepino fruit for diabetes. Why not try Prosciutto-wrapped Pepino? It belongs to the nightshade or Solanaceae, the same family as tomatoes, eggplants and capsicums. Continue reading for more pepino melon helpful qualities and even recipes! The melon is about the size of a hand, almond-shaped and firm. They have been cropping up in the grocery store lately and we were intrigued by the beautiful stripes and teardrop shape. As we have promised, here is a list of all the benefits of pepino melon for your health: Pepino melon can make you more stress-resilient. Studies show that bitter melon may help with symptoms for a variety of illnesses. Tag: benefits of pepino melon Factors to consider when starting an orchard enterprise. Pepino melon is very effective in children’s health. Fiber in pepino melon removes toxins from the body, cleansing the liver and boosting its overall health.