The workflow is not very customizable, which forces you to use a flow that may not be your preferred or best option. Why do nearly 6000 customers on Capterra give Asana 4.5 out 5 stars? And the Trello vs Asana Winner Is … Both products performed well overall. Read more. Check out how both products compare looking at product details such as features, pricing, target market and supported languages. Asana vs What are the differences? Now that we have a good overview of the two tools, let’s take a closer look at the critical areas. Trello’s main feature is its Kanban layout. It lacks the extensive functionality of Asana, and it may not be able to cope with large teams and tasks. Which is more important to you? Features like drag-and-drop scheduling of tasks, slash commands, an online notepad, quick switch to navigate and saved filters truly make ClickUp a cut above Trello and Asana. The Trello vs Asana debate boils down to simplicity vs complexity. Two of the most popular are Asana and Trello, which has many people trying to choose between them. The learning curve is long. Save time and effort comparing leading Collaboration Software tools for small businesses. What is better Flow or Trello? Asana is the perfect tool for the CEO and the product manager; Trello is the perfect tool for the team and individual team members; And when I read his well-thought-through descriptions of the pro’s / con’s I found myself nodding a lot. This comes down to … Despite the fact that some of them contain indeed overwhelming features, each offers different types of services. Trello vs Asana: Top Differences. In 2011, Fog Creek Software launched Trello, a uniquely structured and highly visual project management program.Trello is based on the Kanban system and essentially operates like a bulletin board on which you can pin virtual 3×5 cards. Managers. Lack of two-factor authentication. This doesn’t affect rankings. When looking at Asana vs. Trello, we'll focus on the following key areas. Trello is for teams of all sizes, for the creators and doers, and for those who take dreams to done. With ClickUp, you can prioritize tasks, make to-do lists and improve your task management workflow more than what you’re capable of within Asana or Trello. Within each task each team member can make comments, voice concerns, or ask questions. Project Management Software Comparison: Asana vs Trello Posted April 17, 2017 in IT Management Project management software offers companies a way to organize their large amount of projects and tasks.