Begonias are also a great addition to your landscaping. The levels of humidity and heat can provide challenges to gardeners that are seeking to find the best flowers and plants for their gardens. So it's very important to select the right Florida plants and flowers if you are gardening in Florida's panhandle. The begonias most gardeners grow are perennials, plants that live for three or more years. The perennials listed in Table 1 are good performers in Florida gardens or in containers. They're defined as plants that can live for two or more growing seasons. A friend in zone 9a has had several rhizomatous and cane … Your first, and most important, step in planting perennials is preparing the bed. Many Florida homeowners also love to plant hibiscus shrubs. Other types like tuberous, Rex, and Rieger begonias prefer cool temperatures and do not usually make reliable landscape plants in Florida, but you can always try them as houseplants. The plants you see at the entrances to condominiums in the winter months are usually annuals such as begonias and impatiens. The begonias most often used in gardening are tender perennials. In the Midwest, it was a straightforward thing -- perennials are the ones you plant, they go dormant in winter, and then come back from the roots fresh and new the following spring. Are begonias a perennial plant or an annual flower? More than 1,300 species of begonias (Begonia spp.) We have an outing this Sat at Butterfly World, 10am. Please come and meet us. ... Are Begonias Annuals or Perennials? In Begonia flowers range in color from the usual pinks and whites to scarlet red, salmon/orange, and yellow. Perennial Flowers For A Florida Garden. Florida has a unique climate that is unlike any other in the country. exist, all native to subtropical or tropical regions. Springtime in South Florida by Johanna Kitson. If you’re lucky enough to live in North Florida (hello Panhandle and Central FL folks), then you are blessed with lots of sun, a good bit of rain, and a long growing season. These small flowering perennials bloom on and off all year for bright spots of color in a home landscape. The begonias most gardeners grow are perennials, plants that live for three or more years. Perennial flowers in Florida have to be able to tolerate the heat and humid climate there. Begonias comprise more than 1,000 species of attractive tropical plants. They survived winter lows in the upper 20's F. A winter low of 25 degrees killed some of them but it may be worthwhile to trial some of these in protected sites in zone 9a. Florida Perennials. Begonia heracleifolia seems to be as hardy as B. nelumbifolia (described above.) There are a few types of begonias that are great for the Florida climate, and these include wax begonias, cane begonias, and rhizomatous begonias. Better Homes & Gardens Better Homes & Gardens.