Theyve won once can they do it again The Winners return for a second taste of victory in Australian Survivor All Stars The Villains Are Hungry For Victory They are liars, cheats, manipulators and all have one thing in common. Survivor: All-Stars (Season 8): Amber Bkrich Survivor: Pearl Islands (Season 7): Sandra Diaz-Twine Survivor: Amazon (Season 6): Jenna Morasca Survivor: Thailand (Season 5): Brian Heidik All-Stars: Winner: Brook Geraghty: 33 Huntington Beach, CA: Document Manager Vanuatu: … John Cochran. Ben Driebergen. That season’s location was Borneo. Ranking every Survivor winner (from first to worst) 1. In fact, our season rankings are so well-known that they’re referenced in Wikipedia footnotes and complained about on r/Survivor. Parvati Shallow. Celebrate the new season of Survivor and all the previous winners with our Survivor Season 40: Winners at War collection! Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers (Season 35) – Mamanuca Islands, Fiji. Tina was the winner of Season 2, with a 4-3 vote over Colby Donaldson. Parvati Shallow — Survivor: Micronesia (Season 16). Popular spoiler website, Inside Survivor, revealed that Survivor Season 40 is going to be an all winners season. Sarah Lacina 4. /r/SpoiledSurvivor is the official subreddit for posting and analyzing survivor spoilers about the current on-air season of the show, as well as future seasons. Natalie Anderson. NOTE: is a fan site and is NOT associated with CBS or Mark Burnett in any way. Richard Hatch. Survivor: Ghost Island (Season 36) – Mamanuca Islands, Fiji. Winners Rob Mariano. 3. Richard was the winner of Season 1, with a 4-3 vote over Kelly Wiglesworth. Excitement reached a dizzying height once Inside Survivor released the full spoiler list of season 40 competitors. "Boston" Rob Mariano — … Thomas. Richard Hatch — Survivor: Borneo (Season 1). Survivor fans often ask us for recommendations on the best Survivor seasons. Posted on Dec 12, 2013 | 12:20pm. Richard is considered by many to be one of the most cutthroat villains of all time. Fans everywhere speculated as to which of the fierce competitors would return to Survivor to be crowned the winner of winners. Winners Throughout Survivor History: The Complete List. Sandra Diaz-Twine. J.T. Amazing Survivor analysis and statistics but some spoilers Please contact if you notice errors, omissions or have any feedback. A FTER YEARS OF ANTICIPATION, SURVIVOR: WINNERS AT WAR IS FINALLY HERE. Sandra Diaz-Twine — Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains (Season 20). Amber Brkich. Featuring the latest series logo, these apparel, accessory, and Survivor drinkware items are perfect for at the gym, in class, or while watching the latest season of Survivor. Survivor fans have long clamored for an all-winners season, and in Season 40, we’ll get our wish. 2. “Survivor: The Australian Outback”. 6.1k Members Reports of an all-winners season for Survivor season 40 have been floating around for a while, and fan website Inside Survivor was the first to compile a list of … Airing a week before the show's 40th season Survivor: Winners at War, the special will include some of the highlights of the show's previous seasons, including interviews with Christian Hubicki, Donathan Hurley, David Wright and Cirie Fields, Rob Mariano, Amber Mariano, Jeremy Collins, Parvati Shallow and Ben Driebergen, and a preview of Winners at War. It makes sense that they’d ask us this, because we are the authorities when it comes to Survivor season rankings. No season of Survivor would be complete if we didn’t compile the all-time list of winners each season.