To make it easier to envision your new home from the perspective of a floor plan, we asked for advice from Steve Moore, senior partner in … See the main level floor plan image below and note the blue arrow pointing at the curved window in the master bedroom. “Design drawings” are floor plans that include a modest amount of information and are created to communicate a home design to non-professionals. Know this: whenever you get hung up, all you have to do is call 1-800-528-8070. While less common, floor plan 929-895 boasts what's known as a bow window. The floor plan also makes it easy to picture how foot traffic will flow and how people will use the space. Knowing how to read construction plans and blueprints is critical whether you’re a general contractor, a sub-contractor or a tradesman. NewHomeSource shows you how to read a floor plan, and look at a drawing and picture your home. But don't panic! Oh wait, you might not even have a door to knock on. In the previous article, Part 1, we discussed the basic elements of a house plan to help you understand how to read floor plans. A “Floor Plan” refers to the map of an individual floor. Even people who review floor plans all day every day will sometimes come across a symbol they don't understand. As buildings and the systems within them have become increasingly complex, so have the two-dimensional drawings that describe all the details of the project. In this article will cover the remaining components of a floor plan so you will have a basic understanding on how to read floor plans. August 4, 2017. It's easy to purchase house plans from a website or house plan catalog, but they hardly ever come with directions for reading floor plans. You can find out which doorways have pre-built doors provided by HDB based on the strokes in your floor plan. Throughout your home renovation project your architect should be able to provide you with 3D floor plans and other 3D images of the design. Information that should be included on the floor plan includes: • Exterior and interior walls. If you are managing your company’s real estate project, but don’t have any real training in architecture, reading these plans can extremely difficult. One uncommon variation of the floor plan is the ceiling plan, which is a view of the ceiling as seen from below. Dotted/Dashed - Doorways that HDB doesn't provide doors for. These plans contain important details, but we will cover those details in a future blog post. A great resource for home plan shoppers or anyone who's curious about how to read a floor plan. Floor plans show the layout one floor at a time, so depending on the number of stories a single house has, its floor plans may take up two to three pages. Related-Common Facilities Management Terms To save you some time and trouble, we’ve put together a guide as to how to read architectural plans. Floor plans are a kind of cross-section, showing the layout of the house from a perspective roughly three or four feet (about a metre) above the floor. What are you buying? 3. What are you buying? Learn how to read house construction plans. Will the completed house measure up to your expectations? As you shop for your home, you'll see a LOT of floor plans. After all, the pages are filled with cryptic symbols just waiting to be "read." How To Read Your HDB Floor Plan In 10 Seconds. Floor plans are scale diagrams of a room or floor of a house or building as drawn by a house designer or architect. In a nutshell, the floor plan is two-dimensional plan of how the house will look from the top down. Knock knock, who's there? Plans being the vital link between the architects, contractors, engineers and the end user that is the client need to be detailed at a specific level of understanding so that it becomes easier to understand and visualize the structure prior its execution. • The floor plan is the basis for many other plans. While some people may use the terms ‘blueprints’ and ‘floor plans’ interchangeably, these two types of documents serve different purposes. If you're building or renovating, knowing how to read floor plans is incredibly helpful, but they can often be hard to understand. The floor plans (also known as house plans, house blueprints or house blue prints) — and all of the other drawings in a plan set set — are drawn to scale, often one-quarter or one-eighth of an inch, meaning every one-quarter or one-eighth of an inch on the blueprints equals one foot in actual size. Another less common feature is a zero corner sliding glass door. We talked to … • Actually a section drawing. If you're not a builder or an architect, reading house plans can seem like cracking code. Reading floor plans 1. ... you can't make any sense of the floor plans. Solid Line - Doorways that HDB provides doors for. Will the completed house measure up to your expectations? These are incredibly helpful for all involved, especially at the preliminary design stage.