This is the US version. i.e. A million monetary units, such as dollars: made a million in the stock market. The number googol is 10 100.The term was coined by 9-year-old Milton Sirotta, nephew of American mathematician Edward Kasner.It was popularized in Kasner's 1940 book Mathematics and the Imagination, where it was used to compare and illustrate very large numbers. =3120, the point has moved 3 places right. Powers of Ten Explained. In mathematics, a power of 10 is any of the integer powers of the number ten; in other words, ten multiplied by itself a certain number of times (when the power is a positive integer). Here we will show you the answer to 10 to the power of 4 (Ten to the power of Four) and explain how we got the answer. Here is a list of the number 2 raised to the power of every number from 0 to 100. "ten to the fourteen" Names are on threes... on 3, 6, 9 (thousand, million, billion). Imagine having to work with large numbers such as one million or 10 billion and constantly having to write down the entire number. What exactly does that mean? In 8 2 the "2" says to use 8 twice in a multiplication, so 8 2 = 8 × 8 = 64. Answer by Alan3354(65529) (Show Source): You can put this solution on YOUR website! Links IEER's Learning Common Prefixes. The best way to deal with large numbers is to abbreviate them using powers of ten. Link math library by using -lm while compiling. Power of 10, in mathematics, any of the whole-valued exponents of the number 10. What is 10 the power of 4 x 10 to the power of 7? Raise a number to the power of 1 means you have one of that number, raise to the power of 2 means you have two of the number multiplied together, power… Thus, shown in long form, a power of 10 is the number 1 followed by n zeros, where n is the exponent and is greater than 0; for example, 10 6 is written 1,000,000. Because I have WAY too much time on my hands! The names "billion" and "trillion" mean different things in different countries. This is dependent on Your environment. And of course, ten raised to the zeroth power is 1. Once you master this concept, you'll be on your way to being an exponent expert. So 10 raised to the first power is 10. Index Notation and Powers of 10. Figuring out 10 to the power of any positive integer is easier than it looks. The exponent of a number says how many times to use the number in a multiplication.. You're probably wondering what good this is. Googolplex, a much larger power of ten (10 to the googol power, or 10 10 100), was also introduced in that book. Take the example 1.0 x 10 6. By definition, the number one is a power (the zeroth power) of ten. What exactly does that mean? This is the US version. Negative powers of 10 move the decimal point to the left. It could get tiresome writing all those zeros! Take the example 1.0 x 10 6. Working with powers of 10 can be easily visualized by adding a zero each time the power increases by one. It could get tiresome writing all those zeros! Note that 10 to the power of 4 is the same as 10 raised to 4. Each ,000,. Exponents are also called Powers or Indices. =0.025, point has moved 2 places left So in your problem Ten to the second power is 10 times 10, or 100. lions 1. pow(2,4); result is 2^4 = 16.